Monday, 14 July 2008

The Point of Nuding

These people is protesting that KFC chickens has only a small place to roam or not roam around in.

They is protesting by being nude in public.

Perhaps the question they is raising most should be not whether chickens should be released from cages but whether nudes who is in public should be caged up. Prancing about showing bits indeed! OK well not much prancing.

I think this is made blatantly obvious by this photo.

Oh and the fact they were taken by the police to the station in their cage. I am sure the police were very interested in such a morally depraved case as this.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Where to draw the Double Big Black Line

I has already stated earlier that it is reprehensible that Henson has taken to flashing about nude pictures. Especially those for children. That girl has better put on clothes and Elmo had better get himself a dinner suit.

But then the art world has been at it again, creating a storm over another set of questionable photos, especially the one of the young girl on the front of a magazine of Arts Monthly Australia, published in protest against the Henson affair.

And as some prominent politicians has been pointing out, it is important to protest against such protests because then you can show off how you can be the tops protester, as Prude will show here today. I protest against this nude protest and if anyone comes back at me and do anything nude back I will protest back. Don't you dare flash your bare buttocks at me, I say in advance. I say it very strongly and loudly. That is not art. And even if it were it would stink.

It is also important to explain to otherwise why their values are wrong and yours is right, just like mine is right. I thinks Mr Rudd has been attempting to do a bit of that but he is not very convincing.

However I is not one to mincemeat words. I says loudly and clearly, that nude photos of young children is wrong. In fact nude pictures of anyone is wrong. In fact nudity itself should be avoided. I myself attempt to wear a garment in the shower even, revealing only smalls sections at a time for washing purposes and then close them off immediately. Of course the door to the bathroom is sealed. You should try it some time. It would do you the world of good to be more modest.

Less of such pictures:

And this is the most reprehensible - fully open public kissing naked with children! I do not know how the art world in anyway can justify such early sexuality. It is pornography, plain and simple:

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

How NOT to collect money from the public

I is all for going out into the public to collect money for causes. I for one is a great charity collector for many causes.

For one I support Penguin Adoption.
Save the Penguins
Prudes against Sex
People against Crude Movies
The Making of Strong Chastity Belts with Encrypted Alarm Double Locking Safety
Penguin Dancing Classes
People against Drugs
Strawberry Cheesecake Appreciation Group (I have cravings, just like any other person)
People against Mankinis (this speak for itself)

And other worthy groups

However the way a person go about collecting their money speaks oceans about the person. It is one thing to rattle your tin. It is another to rattle your chastity belt. And it is another - and very unacceptable thing altogether - to rattle your whole body so much that your outer coverings fall off!

But it do not seem that everyone appreciate the difference

In a subway in Bucharest apparently some lady is doing a striptease and pole dancing - catching fellow travellers by surprise - and then after subjecting them to such an undignified show of her flesh and rolling about and twisting - gosh they did not ask for it - she actually have the audacity to thin they would pay her. She passes around a KFC container asking for cash (gosh a KFC container - this is also hitting tacky).

I beg you not to follow in this lady's footsteps - or dance steps.

When you think of charity collecting, do not think of poles. Do not think of nudity. Do not think of KFC.

Such thoughts only lead you off the path of righteousness. You would not be doing any of your causes a favour.