Friday, 21 December 2007

The Virgin Mary

It is that time of year - Christmas. And we should reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. And the messages we should gain from it.
There are some who think it is all about Santas and presents. Now that is not true at all. While I is a bit partial to a choccie Santa that is not what you should take away from Christmas as its true meaning. You can eat the choccie Santa and not get any meaning at all. In fact that is how it is most often done.

The Number one most important message you should get is not about the consumerism but about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Now there will be some people who will come up to you and want to go on about the gifts of gold, frankenstein and myrrh. Forget it, that is actually all product placement. Again it is all about presents, though nicely disguised with some wise men and a barn to make the message more holy sounding instead of a drunken uncle at a family get-together or an Office Kris Kringle. That is not what Christmas is mostly about, though it do come in sideways.

The main message is about the Virgin Birth.

That is the most important thing about Christmas.

Mary, she is the most moral of beings. Virginity should be aspired to by all. Not only did Mary keep her pants on tightly up til marriage and birth, but even til AFTER BIRTH. Now that is something women should aspire to though not any has accomplished it since that has been widely recorded.

But if she can, I thinks someone else could try if they set their minds to it hard enough. It would not be easy but definitely a goal worth trying for.

She is an inspiration and a role model for all women.

Think of her this Christmas.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Prude: How the Sex Obsessed Culture Damages Young Girls

Prude has got some more followers! Peoples who is championing her cause! I is very happy to say, that while it has taken years to do it, it is very well worth the efforts.

I present to you Ms Carol Platt Liebau's book Prude: How the Sex Obsessed Culture Damages Young Girls .

It fight the good fight against promiscuity and sexual aggression. And best of all it pour scorn on disgusting creatures from the garbage dump, Nicole Richie and Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

And it show pole dancing for what it is, an immoral act. Some people has just been saying "Go pole dancing it is good exercise."

Well it is much better exercise to do penguin dancing and then you is not doing something immoral such as prancing about a giant phallic symbol, is you?

The more Prude Recruits the better, and I is glad to have some more on board! What a nice way to be drawing the year to a close!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Undies or Not Undies? That is my Question.

Now we have a scandal of huge political proportions. Maxine McKew has barely been declared officially in when someone has caught her with her pants down.

Or at least they thinks they has.

The incriminating picture* I is posting has been shown around, and it has been slammed by some as being very offensive and raunchy, showing lots of leg. I cannot deny this. Maxine should have been a bit more modest I thinks. Do you see Mr Howard strutting off his legs in such a casual manner? I thinks not. And he should know the protocol if anyone should; he has been around this place for over a decade.

But it has been said that from a certain angle it looks like Maxine has no undies on! In a very Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct manner. Now this would be disgusting in the extreme. I has stared at the photo a great deal and so has Mr Jumbles but we cannot see no undies. On the other hand if there was no undies we could not see them so we has a bit of a conundrum here, hasn't we?

Still, I has my spies out. We shall see if it is a scandal or not. There shall be much staring up the skirt in order to make sure whether the pants are on or off. It is our duty to ensure the morality of the politicians!

*Well the incriminating picture was front on. But it was in the same place with the same dress on and that is what matters. And she sat next to John Howard as well.

Penguins Go Vege!

I has always liked a good eggplant. And I must say ... these is VERY GOOD eggplants.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Would you face the Penguin Panel?

Now I has exciting news for those who has a computer or a video camera. Actually both. A panel of penguins is to be giving away $5000 in a competition where you create a film clip for them to market a book, called "A Fraction of the Whole" and the best clip gets the money.

Naturally you can give away the money to any charity you choose. That is FREE CHOICE hmm hmm

But loyalty to those who has told you about the competition karma karma karma karma

Anyhow I think it is a wonderful idea to think about how you measure up to penguin standards. There is bits about the book on the competition website and I thinks a good penguin lover could make a book promotion that the Penguins would think connects really with their values. That is what it is all about. Naturally I should expect it have good strong themes in it which promote Penguin-y values. I has the faith. I expects good things (I is rattling my penguin charity tin right now.) - go forth and conquer in the name of Prude's Mission!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Unadvised Names for Infant Minds

TimT has made a list of Suggested Names For Satanist Children and him being a great blog friend of mine I is honoured to say - or at least we post an each other's blogs from time to time which is what the internet come to these days in regard to friendship or even less when it come to Facebook - I is sure he do not mind too much my adapting his idea for a Prudey Post.

After all it is not at all as bad as what politicians do - both in terms of friendship and stealing ideas.

His post got me thinking about what disgusting names would be to call your child, if you is a Prude. Of course Prude is a fine name. So Is Mr Jumbles. And Squawk. My Father was descended of the great Prudes, we has a heritage, Prudus Nobilius, it go right back into history, it is a fine distinguished name.

But in fact it is more important to know of improper names, that you may avoid them, like cracks in the pavement, ticking time bombs, or people who try to get you to buy credit cards in the street.

I has compiled a list of some names off the top of my head I can think of as the most perilous. It is only a beginner's list.






French Fries

Burger Boy











Ginger Spice

Parsley Lynn

John Howard