Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Surf's Up, Penguin Supporters!

Now it is true Prude has not said a great deal about surfing on her blog. However that is not the point. She has indeed said a lot about penguins. That is a fact. She has been a proud supporter of penguin movies. That is another fact. March Of The Penguins and Happy Feet are two of her favourite movies. And now another Penguin Movie is coming out.

Surf's Up

It is a true story movie about a penguin called Cody Maverick who is going to the Penguin Surfing Championships. I did not know about this competition but you learn something new all the time. It is a true story, it say.

This movie show that Penguins have achieved high power and status in media as they deserve. They is moral beings. It is right for people to look up to them. I say this is a good thing. I would like to say I is proud of the part my blog has played in bringing awareness of penguins to modern culture and allowing creative people to see that there is nothing wrong and there is much right about expressing yourself through the penguin theme.

Go forwards. Go upwards. I is proud of you. Show us, penguins, what you is really made of.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Postscript: A Gay Working Day

Hmmm; I mentions that Gay Hamilton might be better off in the tmes of Enid Blyton, but considering Enid Blyton's fascination with Fanny and Dick and their chasing one another about everywhere and getting up to mischief, perhaps not the best example Prude could have thoughts up at the time for The Age Of Innocence.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A Gay Working Day

There is some people who talks about equality in the workplace. But that is not completely true. For instance, if you is like Prude and you is a better smarter more moral worker, then you should be more respected. You has earned it. Even if it is not equal. And if someone is a criminal, like someone who has drunk up all the milk in the refrigerator or put nasty thumbtacks on your favourite chair knowing quite well it is you who always occupies it (I shall find out who it was yet) then they should not be well respected. They is low and unethical.

In such a position was Gay Hamilton who would have been quite chirpy perhaps if she had been about in the times of Enid Blyton. However it is important to make her understand that times have changed. Times is not so innocent any more and being gay or even being called Gay is quite queer and it give off a wrong smell to people. They pick it up on the air and they either run or they want a complete makeover.

Either way they treat you, by running away screaming, or start talking to you in a high-pitch voice wanting interior design tips, it is not professional.

Therefore it is quite right for them to fire her.

She can change her name by deed poll to something more flattering and dignified. Unfortunately the name Prude has been taken but I is sure something else will do.

*The computer system which detect this typeof error was very sophisticated. It also refused subscriptions of Yvette Rand and Yvonne Horn when subscription usernames were processed using surname plus first name initial. Blame the parents.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Respect Your Elder: Part 2

It is not even a month since I see Elder Spina in Hyde Park and then Elder Han approach me just recently. He is another troubled one with a lot of spin.

I try to explain I has heard his message and is not particularly impressed, but on he barge.

"Don't you want to live with your family forever? That is the message we teach, the purpose of life," he say.

"I is a more modern female," I point out. "You seem like a Mummy's Boy. Perhaps you ought to think about planning to move out one day and do your own cooking and ironing. I for one is responsible for the maintenance of my penguin suit entirely. And I do not have a Mummy wake me up to do my penguin dance exercises, I wake myself up. That is how a grown up lives."

I thinks these people has good hearts, but they is rather confused and not very mature, clear thinking or independent.

Not like Prude.