Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Respect Your Elder: Part 2

It is not even a month since I see Elder Spina in Hyde Park and then Elder Han approach me just recently. He is another troubled one with a lot of spin.

I try to explain I has heard his message and is not particularly impressed, but on he barge.

"Don't you want to live with your family forever? That is the message we teach, the purpose of life," he say.

"I is a more modern female," I point out. "You seem like a Mummy's Boy. Perhaps you ought to think about planning to move out one day and do your own cooking and ironing. I for one is responsible for the maintenance of my penguin suit entirely. And I do not have a Mummy wake me up to do my penguin dance exercises, I wake myself up. That is how a grown up lives."

I thinks these people has good hearts, but they is rather confused and not very mature, clear thinking or independent.

Not like Prude.


Meribah said...

Wait...you mean we actually have to move out of our parents' basements eventually??? Ah, man! But it's rent-free! :P

prude said...

Have some prude pride meribah and come out of the basement.