Saturday, 28 April 2007

Richard Gere is a Dick

Morality is not exactly something we associate with movie stars, with the exception of perhaps the lead penguins in Happy Feet and March Of The Penguins.

However I digress because Richard Gere is not a penguin. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is a good thing because if he were he would be a disgrace to the penguin name (mr Jumbles nods vigorously here) but it is a bad thing because if he were one he would not have conducted himself in such a disgusting manner in the first place, anyhow.

I is referring of course to the now world famous OBSCENE KISS which has been heard about all over and may now land Richard Gere in gaol.

He was pashing Shilpa Shetty. Oh yes, that is her real last name, I is not making it up and it is quite rightly a downright dirty-sounding one. She has been quite tarnished.

He may now face gaol. And quite right too. Someone ought to be made an example of. It is a pity they ought not all go to gaol, people who outrage those who have some sense of dignity and do not make overt signs of affection. Like Prude here.

I has always advocated dignity and said quite strongly NO INTIMACY IN PUBLIC. A very strong objection to the John-Howard-holding-hands-with-Janette in public debacle was fully supported by myself.

Gere has joined the ranks of these people who has similarly shown affection in public and has not restrained his feelings. Such animals must be stopped. It is disgusting. It is immoral.

They should all be forced to take lessons from Prude. Gere say he support AIDS awareness, but just say he passes on some nasties by his uncontrollable passions? It seems he is a hypocrite. If you is against sexually transmittable diseases you should observe all restraint, from the start. Hands off I say.


Friendless said...

How do I get to pash Shilpa Shetty, and is she worth going to jail for?

Meribah said...

**Gasp** Prude said dick! **Runs off, giggling** :P

prude said...

It may be worth it to see you go to gaol, Friendless!!!!!

*wicked prude coming out*

but if you do remember the Indians will get Shetty with you.

Anonymous said...

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