Saturday, 15 September 2007

Too much Plastic, Too little Fantastic

I has told you plastic boob jobs is wrong, and here is the picture that proves my case.

It is wrong. The boobies must be half her body weight.

It is not attractive. It is a burden. Obviously she needed brain enhancements not boobie enhancements.

It is society's fault for placing so much weight on boobies that we have boobies with so much weight. That is why I has campaigned for the Natural Boobie. You should not be fixated with boobies. You should not thinks about them so much that you wish to stuff them with silicon. That is immoral.

Prude say - if a man is fixated with your boobies, remove all sharp objects from the room. You may be in danger.

Why go from fresh to flesh?

I cannot understand this obsession with teeny bopper stars trying to look sexy when in fact they do not sexy they looks like silly looking girls who has had a fit and got dressed up in Mum's clothes and put on Mum's makeup.

One of course is the "new Delta Goodrem". Actually she does not look like a new Delta, nor does she look like the younger Delta Goodrem, who at least might have looked a bit OK, she was sympathetic. Now she has layered herself in makeup and cinched back her hair so it pull back her skin and she just look plain weird.

What is the problem? It mean little girls think the only way people respect them is if they is sexy. And that is not true. In fact it mean we respect you less and we think you look weird.

Delta seem like nice girl to start off with, then you hear she has some indelicate romances. Do they make her a big star? No, I is afraid not, they do not make her a role model, they make her fallen from grace. Then she try this look and it is even worse.

Young girls should have a positive role model, more like me.

Someone who know that by keeping your clothes on and staying true to yourself not running round with bad boys that is a true career and make people respect you. Most of all you respect yourself.

I cannot but look at these poor girls and feel anything but pity. Oh and disgust. They is not hot. They is not sexy. They is just sad.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Horny Old Bags

Now this is something that I is not wanting to see, and I is thinking it is distasteful to many. Of course it could be worse but that is making me choke because it is already bad enough.

Of course I is referring to the Everlasting Love ads for home loans featuring sexy romps with Bill and Glenys Ferguson. They is both 79 years old and they should be old enough to know better than to be flashing their wrinkled skin and getting it on in the backyard for all to see. You should think at their age they should have grown some morals. It is about time I should say.

Sex is immoral at all ages. And it is disgusting that advertisers should try to use it to sell home loans. I mean next they will do something low like try to use it to sell cars or alcohol or clothes or holidays. You just don't know how far it will go if they get this far they could really push it so it must be stopping now.

But for old people to be sex romping? Now that makes me feel sick to the stomach. Where is the taste? Where is the role model? Where is the dignity?

I suppose it could be worse. They could be John and Janette Howard.

They could be Amanda Vanstone.

Oh sorry she is only one person. Sometimes I get confused.

They could be wearing nipple clamps and G-strings.

But it is still disgusting enough. I will rather live in a little hut built from sticks rather than buy a home loan from people who perpetuate such filth. It would be against my dignity. I will live in prudely honour. Hopefully it shall not come to that, but if it does ...

By my prudeness I say this!


Not just crude and rude movies out there, but now this awful piece of TV show, something that has outraged good upright moral people and penguins everywhere . And Christians also you can see in this article are outraged.

It is very smutty and slutty. I is noticing a scene where a man is having oral sex in a church and that is not about being talked sexily to in a church though that would be tasteless enough. I mean after all those stories you hear about priests I do not think it is in community's best interests to give people sexy ideas in a church area. It only encourage people to do immoral acts.
The show stars David Duchovny who used to be in the X-Files but now he shall be forever tarred as Hank Moody, that disgusting man in Californication , the X-rated Files.

He enjoys drink, and drugs and women which is three very good reasons why you should not enjoy him. In any form.

I ask you: What would a noble penguin do?

Reflect. You know the answer in your heart. And make sure that chastity belt is kept firmly in place!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Crude & Rude Movies

I is very disappointed in people nowadays. We is getting bombarded with unwholesome movies. Not only was there that disgusting Farce of the Penguins but now there is this utterly gross Superbad thing and then a very tasteless I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry .

Why is it that people thinks that sex and masturbation and other such filth is the source of the best comedy? I is saying right now to you that it is not. It is not something that need to be explored and put out in the public. It is not natural or to be talked about. I can say for the record I has not ever masturbated and if I did I would do it for medical purposes only under the direction and supervision of a doctor.

And then there is silly gay jokes and boobie jokes. Well that is not a joke at all, especially if it is Adam Sandler involved that is worse. Homosexuals should be decried as immoral not laughed about as if their movement - literal or metaphorical - was something to be regarded with levity. And Adam Sandler regard a woman' breast area not with the proper amount of modesty. I think it is disgusting.

We need some more family movies. Movies that make people go out there and savour the greatness that it is to be upright and moral and embrace the world in its fullness and not wish to lower yourself to tawdry things like sex. One that make people concentrate on important things like charity, environment, goood posture, exercise, harmony in life etc. I is thinking of releasing a good exercise video. The model of course would be penguin dancing and themes but I is open to other suggestions. Graceful stretches to promote good breathing and healthy thoughts. Excellent posture, which can fail those at time when one blogs too often. And so on.

At any rate, do not waste your time in a movie theatre with these movies. Good health also mean keeping a good clean mind!