Thursday, 6 September 2007


Not just crude and rude movies out there, but now this awful piece of TV show, something that has outraged good upright moral people and penguins everywhere . And Christians also you can see in this article are outraged.

It is very smutty and slutty. I is noticing a scene where a man is having oral sex in a church and that is not about being talked sexily to in a church though that would be tasteless enough. I mean after all those stories you hear about priests I do not think it is in community's best interests to give people sexy ideas in a church area. It only encourage people to do immoral acts.
The show stars David Duchovny who used to be in the X-Files but now he shall be forever tarred as Hank Moody, that disgusting man in Californication , the X-rated Files.

He enjoys drink, and drugs and women which is three very good reasons why you should not enjoy him. In any form.

I ask you: What would a noble penguin do?

Reflect. You know the answer in your heart. And make sure that chastity belt is kept firmly in place!


Anonymous said...

For a moment I wondered why Christians warranted a separate mention in the first paragraph, and then I realised I'd misread — you weren't talking about uptight mortal people. Mea culpa.

prude said...

Christians is always knowing they is deserving of special mention. They is constantly banging this in our ears. Hail Elder Spina, my good friend!

Mr Mean said...

Knowing they deserve special mention, or simply having faith in that idea?

Meribah said...

Well, I'm a Christian and I'm not uptight! Okay, maybe a little, but not overly so. I mean, I know how to have fun! Curling up with a book on Saturday night is fun, right? :P

prude said...

The Holy Bible or the Ultimate book of Penguin Knowledge published by Pengun books illustrated with penguins?

I think the latter is the most fun.

Read, while drinking a nice big glass of milk.

Hmm, I know how to party!

prude said...

Mr Mean, can you explain the difference is to Elder Spina? He did not seem too sure.

Mr Mean said...

I can, but there is no guarantee that the good Elder will get the straight explanation.

Maybe I'll have to formulate it as y=ax²+bx+c.

prude said...

Elder Spina seem to like "y" a lot.

Y is we here? Y is you not interested in being saved prude? Y is you not wanting to talk about my mission? Y does you look a bit penguin-y but you walking - from me - in the park and speaking English?

That may be the trick for him.