Saturday, 15 September 2007

Why go from fresh to flesh?

I cannot understand this obsession with teeny bopper stars trying to look sexy when in fact they do not sexy they looks like silly looking girls who has had a fit and got dressed up in Mum's clothes and put on Mum's makeup.

One of course is the "new Delta Goodrem". Actually she does not look like a new Delta, nor does she look like the younger Delta Goodrem, who at least might have looked a bit OK, she was sympathetic. Now she has layered herself in makeup and cinched back her hair so it pull back her skin and she just look plain weird.

What is the problem? It mean little girls think the only way people respect them is if they is sexy. And that is not true. In fact it mean we respect you less and we think you look weird.

Delta seem like nice girl to start off with, then you hear she has some indelicate romances. Do they make her a big star? No, I is afraid not, they do not make her a role model, they make her fallen from grace. Then she try this look and it is even worse.

Young girls should have a positive role model, more like me.

Someone who know that by keeping your clothes on and staying true to yourself not running round with bad boys that is a true career and make people respect you. Most of all you respect yourself.

I cannot but look at these poor girls and feel anything but pity. Oh and disgust. They is not hot. They is not sexy. They is just sad.


Friendless said...

Actually, she looks skinny. I was told once never to apply any adjective ending in Y to a woman, but in this case it has to be said.

prude said...

I is prudey and that is good.

She look awkward if you ask me. Not to do with weight or thinness of waidt but she is not looking comfortable.

Penguins look comfortable in their penguin image because they is knowing what is right for them and knowing they is doing right.

Delta is needing a moral and image compass.