Saturday, 15 September 2007

Too much Plastic, Too little Fantastic

I has told you plastic boob jobs is wrong, and here is the picture that proves my case.

It is wrong. The boobies must be half her body weight.

It is not attractive. It is a burden. Obviously she needed brain enhancements not boobie enhancements.

It is society's fault for placing so much weight on boobies that we have boobies with so much weight. That is why I has campaigned for the Natural Boobie. You should not be fixated with boobies. You should not thinks about them so much that you wish to stuff them with silicon. That is immoral.

Prude say - if a man is fixated with your boobies, remove all sharp objects from the room. You may be in danger.


Meribah said...

Whoa! Okay, that is just too much boobie for one woman! Does she not get back pain from having to carry that much weight around?
To all women everywhere: BREAST IMPLANTS ARE NOT WORTH IT, Y'ALL!!!
In the puppy's mind, if you can't get a man the way you are, than forget about 'em. Get a dog instead. Dogs are friendly, loyal, and their whole world revolves around you. They'll meet you at the door, listen to you gripe about what a sucky day you had (and act like they understand every word), will try and cheer you up when you are feeling down, like you just the way you are and will keep your feet warm in the winter.
If that's not enough for yuh, well, there's always masturbation! LOL :P
By the way, I recently read that virgins RARELY get cervical cancer...yet another reason to remain celibate! :)

Friendless said...

Friendless, the world's biggest pervert, says that if a woman doesn't want Friendless to look at her she should get fake boobies. That will make Friendless look away in disgust. Unless you have good legs as well.

prude said...

You would have to have good legs to have such big boobies I thinks Friendless. That is, good, stout strong legs to carries around so much weight!

prude said...

Meribah, loyal friend.

I thinks you has hit upon a greaqt plan. Perhaps I should start a branch of Prude's Mission, called the Trade Your Cosmetic Implant For A Pet. You can returns your implant and receive a free pet of choice, dogs and penguins especially encouraged I thinks. That will have people getting rids of their implants fast.

I do not thinks the M word (not Meribah the other M word) should be mentioned here Meribah, we is meant to be thinking clean thoughts not sexy ones on this blog.

Except for Friendless because he seems to be a hopeless case.

But I is working on him.

You is right about cervical cancer.

I shall has to make some banners to that effect and strengthen my cause for chastity.

Any good wording suggestions shall be appreciated.

The "NO SEXY AVOID CERVICAL CANCER" has been done before I thinks.