Saturday, 13 October 2007

Win a Very Moral Penguin Package!

Now I is not usually one for advocating competitions as most things I believe is the product of hard work and lots of charity-work and chastity. However I do think this is one that is too important to pass up and it will enhance your bookcase for the better if you is winning it, also if you goes to this website you will be seeing some very upright logos which is a good thing in itself.
It is a Penguin Package Competition. Unfortunately you do not win a real penguin, but you can win a book package for penguin books which is inferior to an actual penguin but still very moral.
I has already entered the competition but I urge you to also.

Penguin books is a great book publishing company.

If I was to write a Prude Book (which I is thinking of doing by the way. Any good titles I is open to hearing about) they would have the honour of receiving my manuscript first. And oh what an honour that would be.

Also I would like to remind you all that at the moment Borders books is having Penguin and Puffin (the little penguins) books at 20% off now. This is a great chance to get some more penguins into your house, and that is always a good thing.
Good luck penguin lovers and prude-followers and let me know of your great successes with penguin-obtaining!


prude said...

If you is not remembering too well if that book you loved best is published by Penguin or not, this very good website may be of assistance: Penguin Books Website

On the other hand, look on your bookshelf for the books with the good little penguin logo on the side. They is the good, chaste books.

prude said...

If you has been reading here you has seen
On Prudey missions I is keen
And in this (book)case I is sanguine
That when it comes to things penguine
Morality shall triumph in its goodness,
And books shall be packaged up, and shall go to bless
A Prudey who has won over the rest
With moral messages in twenty-five words or less.

Friendless said...

Ooh, missed this post. I've been busy working on a documentary: "Ice Pack Lust: Penguinettes on Heat".

prude said...

Usually I never misses a penguin show.

I may make an exception this time.

How dares you call this a documentary. Documentaries are truthful and this show is either is showing an untruth or the title is misleading - I shall order a boycott! I shall not watch but I shall use my megaphone and encourage others to not watch but to protest in the prudey way - loud tap-dancing outside the venue!

You shall be sorry!