Monday, 29 October 2007

The Man has Jumped the Blog

Just a little while ago on a prudey blog-post just a bit further down a blog poster who has been known to us commenters as GT or sometimes as "The Man" which he like to pronounce himself as, spit chips and say he is not coming back here any more, after being a regular Prude-follower for months.

My keen prudey sense say this mean he threaten not to come back the Prude blog, not meaning just to that post.

Poor GT. Little does he realise what is waiting for him in the world of evil without prudey guidance. One day he will come away from those youthful daze of his and say "I wish I had better moral guidance but I shunned those who knew better in favour of a live-it-up fun lifestyle. I thoughts I knew better than those who was older and wiser but that is the folly of youth. Oh to go back and change my decisions!"

It is something many of has said, or will say, except maybe Mr Jumbles.

GT, I wish you well but it is a hard world out there without good strong moral support.

P.S. GT has stomped off suddenly calling Prudey a bigot. I is not sure what he is referring to or why he is so cross about what I has said then. Prude has always speak like this and give these views. Oh youthful temper!


TimT said...

Better to be a Big Ot than a Little Ot, Prude. That's what my great uncle always says.

prude said...

Sound advice TimT.

I has always wished to be a Big Ot on a small blog rather than a Little Ot on a small blog.

Being an environmentalist I has always thought being a Big Otter has a nice ring to it too!

R.H. said...

Sweetiepie someone should tell you that sexual deviants join the church because they are sexual deviants. And that's all. Becoming a Catholic priest for instance is a good cover for not chasing women. It's also a good chance to tamper with kids. These people are deviants BEFORE they join the Church, understand? They are not Churchmen who become paedophiles, they are paedophiles who become Churchmen. Okay? Hope that teaches you something. Blame the disease, not the host.

And darling, sex itself is enormously important, with no sex there'd be no Stock Exchange. No debit whatsoever.

prude said...

You has just admitted that the church harbour immoral peoples which is what concern me. My case is proved. Oh immoral world!

*bow before her great argument*

R.H. said...

Learn to read dearie, I've admitted no such thing. In fact the Catholic Church refuses Communion to homos, and I'm not saying that's fair, but it means they disapprove of them. However homos do become priests, on the sly.
And does the Church then harbour them? I don't know, but I do note your concern.

prude said...

If they is allowing peeps to become priests whether on the sly or not and they is immorals they is harbouring immoral peoples I is not seeing much difference there I do not thinks.

Sad world. Sad church. They has immoral people festering in it. I weep for them. I look forward to the world when such immorality is rooted out and thrown into oblivion.

Besides I am certain they do knows they is immoral. Whatever happened to the omniscience of God if God is omniscient and wanted the immoral peoples out He would have struck them out but He does not so obviously God knows they is immoral and lets them soil his Churches anyhows. If they is coming on the sly I is supposing you is saying they is smarter than God and can hide away from God?

R.H. said...

I'm betting you've had an easier life than mine, but no one lives at all without being immoral. What you do compared to what's thrown at you decides your worth in the end. You get a choice, that's what makes life so interesting.
I'm relaxed nowadays, because I've reached a conclusion. I've decided that those who console -whoever they are- go straight to heaven.

R.H. said...

And let's be frank, your performance gets tiresome real quick, mine is always interesting.

But you're witty in places.
Or I wouldn't bother.

prude said...

Thanks R.H.

That has done a great deal to console me. I thinks you can safely say you has earned all the frequent flyer points you will need to go up to heaven and eat devonshire tea with the harp players eternally. Lucky yous!

prude said...

Also, you have much relieved me as blog-friend Alexis has noted she is consoling herself here. That is one burden off Prudey's back; my good girl Alexis, she is safe and sound.

R.H. said...

I'm surprised you'd talk to harlots.

R.H. said...

I haven't spoken to a harlot since 1989 (far as I know).
I thought a woman yesterday was a harlot but she said she wasn't.

prude said...

Perhaps you need a better harlot radar.

Anonymous said...

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