Saturday, 27 October 2007

We all has baggage in life. Just some is more moral baggage than other baggage.

It is a well known fact in life that everyone carries baggage in life. This is an inescapable fact of life. Whether you is a good moral person or a low-life, Mr Jumbles or Burger Boy, you will carry burdens. It has been documented all through history.

At one time people used to have to carry their baggages in little bundles. They used to roll them up in blankets and then double the blankets up for towels and for sleeping on. Now they did not know better but this is pretty repulsive. No wonder they get extra burdens in life and the rest of the human race is soiled. You means you wipe your naughty parts with the same things you wrap your bits of bread and cheese in? It explain a lot about the state of the human race nowadays.

Fortunately humans have become better progressed and we have inherited such burdens from our forebears but we do not have to keep adding to the grime so much. Certainly there is no need to throw some little bits of random hairs into the mix a gifts to the next generation. We has been more advanced in our baggage technology and we should make this our legacy to the future.

Prude is very understanding of this and she has come across the most moral of baggage holders, and indeed baggage, for Prudes to trolley around. It is the Penguin Bag, coming in many models to suit various Prudey needs. It come in Backpacks, Weekenders, Trolleybags, Shoulder bags, produced by Samsonite. What more could you ask for?

Not only is it nice and clean and have separate compartments for your towel and your bread-and-cheese, and it nice and strong, but it pronounce your prudeyness to the world. That in itself is most important. It deliver your message in a swag.

A little backpack may suit your needs, or a set of Penguin Bags for the penguin who has a bit more to carry around. Or who simply revel in a few more penguins around the place.

This is the latest in luggage technology. Embrace a penguin bag, and embrace the future.

Jump on your mission with a penguin on your back!


Meribah said...

How cute!

prude said...

It is the penguin in it. When you is on to the penguin you has a winner.

It is a wise moral lesson I has learnt in life!

Ann O'Dyne said...

where is tiny bag for egg ?

prude said...

That is a very poignant point Ann. I thinks we could design a new improved penguin bag, respendent with bag for egg, nice and warm and soft, milk bottle and pouch carrier for tin for collecting charity money. It would wear a chasity belt of course and perhaps another little pouch for a bell or rattle or horn with which a good penguin could call other penguins to assembly or call out if signs of danger.

Like immoral people about.

And sunglasses, because penguins, they is walking into the light.

Ann O'Dyne said...

I am prude and proud

prude said...

It is the best way to be Ann. Prude and proud of it! I is proud of you.