Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Virgin Cover

Penguin Books has another great idea: Blank Books.

Well there is a story inside but the cover is blank. In its classic book section.




You is of course able to draw on the cover and personalise it with a good moral picture, so there is none of this half-nudey picture trash that some artists seem apt to like to scrawl on covers. You can make all your front covers penguin heroes and what a joy that will be. Make sure each heroine is wearing a chastity belt and send some good moral messages out there.

Unfortunately there will be some people like Friendless and Burger Boy who will use this opportunity for bad. Such people ought to be stopped from buying blank books in my opinion. In fact it is a wonder they is allowed to roam free in society.

But in the hands of a Prude, a blank book is a thing of beauty, and a joy forever. It is a chance for expression and education. It is a chance to make sure a moral message is passed down to other generations. Prudies may wish to buy blank books for their friends for Christmas, and draw moral messages on them for them as gifts. I am sure they would be appreciating the thought.

What would your moral mesage be? - remember it is your legacy for the future


Meribah said...

Hmm, well, I like most books to have pictures on the cover, as it helps me to recognize what kind of book it is from a distance.

prude said...

This is where you save up your penguin pictures - stick different penguins on your GOOD books.

And other pictures on your other books.

You could have a penguin rating system on your books I guess. Like an eight and a half penguins on the spine for a book. I is not sure how good half a penguin would looks though.

Friendless said...

Why would I buy blank covers when Harold Robbins and James Hadley Chase books come with naked women on the covers already?

prude said...

I is not sure which is worse friendless - you owning an immoral Harold Robbins book with a nudey pic cover, or you being given a blank book to decorate with your whimsies.

probably just as distasteful but maybe the latter is that tad moreso.

Friendless said...

I didn't say I was going to put my whimsies on it, but now that you mention it, that's a good idea. Then I could give it as a gift to someone I really really like.

prude said...

oh I should never have opened my prudey mouth on this one!

You may really like them friendless but before you go scribbling your whimsies, think what is better - friendless or minus-friendless?