Monday, 28 April 2008

World Penguin Day - same day as ANZAC Day!

I has been reliably informed that World Penguin Day occurs on or around each year, April 25th. Though some people celebrate it on Penguin Awareness Day in January 20th.

And in New Orleans they celebrated it on March 22nd, for some reason.

But most people celebrate it on April 25th.

Maybe there is some confusion and dissent because there are so many penguins around making their mark in the world? I hopes it settles down a bit, for if there is one thing Penguins advocate (as well as chastity and dignity) it is peace and harmony.

This is (April 25th), incidentally, the same day as ANZAC Day in Australia. So it is an EXTRASPECIAL DAY.

On ANZAC Day Australians observe a minute's silence for their troops, sometimes longer than that if they can think up lots of troops.

I would recommend perhaps also thinking about penguins and prudeness then.

Take some extra time, maybe five minutes if you wish so you have time to pay your respects to both the troops and to the Penguins, after all both is very important to Australians or should be. They has given us lots of culture. Who could forget Gallipoli, but then again who could forget Nicole Kidman in Happy Feet?

It is an important day for us all.

Lest we forget.

What did you do on World Penguin Day?

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

No Big Bazookas for Little Girls

In NSW they is overhauling the rules so little girls cannot overhaul their breasts too soon.

High time I say.

They is trying to make rules so that teenage girls cannot get breast implants and other plastic surgery which many do to makes themselves look sexy. They wish to make sure they are older before they make the decision.

I think it is a good thing. Young girls now is too sex-obsessed, and if they is having big boobs, then it will get them into trouble and I is not talking about difficulty in walking down narrow corridors though that is a concern too. I means if you look on the link I provide too many men is going on about how women should be allowed to do it because they (the men) thinks it looks desirable. Men. All they is thinking about is their own eye candy. It is very selfish.

But what about the important issues, like the girl's virginity which is of course at stake if the girl become very hot looking and of course must be protected if she is to be a pure and moral and dignified creature?

In fact why wait just til they is 18?

18 is too provocative, they is still bait at 18.

Perhaps it should be made law that noone should be allowed breast enhancements til they is truly past it and even with big breasts they woulds not be alluring to anyone then your sex is not in danger.

For instance if you is dog ugly or you is old and wrinkly.

If you has got a certificate saying you is allowed a breast implant you is knowing you fall into this category and no one - well at least 99% of people is not lookiing at you with any sexual desire and wouldn't even if you had thouasnds of dollars of reconstruction.

Then you can do as you please.

It is an idea. I might present it to be tabled.

Purity Balls and Prudity Balls

Now has you heard of the craze of the Purity Ball ? Apparently it is not new but I has only recently heard of it. Usually the words "purity" and "balls" don't sit too well together with me, but then I heard this was balls as in dance and Prudey here is all for dancing. So I investigated a little further.

Apparently it is a formal event held by God-loving folks where fathers take a pledge before God to protect daughters from impure things (i.e. protect her from SEX) and girls promise to remain virgins til marriage.

They also gets to dance a bit and I would say probably have fruity drinks.

There has been some criticism that it takes the power of sex away from the girls and makes it a man's property like the fathers, and then her husband's. Also it focus on sex a lot. But I guess this is the price you pay for virginity in this crazy world.

Many evangelical Christians is very much into it because it bring virginity back as an important issue, and also there is a lot of opportunity for dancing.

I would say for Prudey they is very important things.

However I read a bit more about this and a Good Weekend article said that stats on Purity Balls said heaps of girls after their Purity Ball had sex within 3 years!

88% had sex before they was married!

Now they might as well not have bothered! I thinks if you is making a promise you ought not just make it for a bit of the penguin bop and the promise of a fruity drink and a cupcake! That is MOST immoral.

People is just not serious today about their pledges. They has not got the willpower. And willpower is what really matters.

Myself, I would like to hold Prudity Balls. I would like to get together new recruits to pledge they would be true to Prude's Mission.

Chastity and Dignity and Kindness to Penguins!

However you has to be truly committed. None of this half-hearted I is there for the eatables stuff. No way.

Only Real Prudes need don their penguin suits and make their way to the ballroom floor!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

These people read too much Virginia Andrews

Possibly you has never read a Virginia Andrews novel. If you has never, you is lucky. Don't.

The biggest theme is incest is great if you like each other. Oh, I guess she forgot it is illegal, disgusting, perverted, immoral and can lead to DEFORMITIES. And it make Prude chuck up into a toilet every time she even hear about it.

OK, I is back.

Anyhow, I thinks some South Australians maybe haven't got that message yet, or maybe have read a Virginia Andrews one too many.

Because this father-daughter union is just plain pukable . Oh whoopee they has had a child together. Probably one who will be brought up on Flowers in the Attic and other stuff instead of good honourable books. I feel for the child. John and Jenny Deaves have done the dirty against the laws of society. And I is not talking about the fact they could both spare a few kilos either.

Jenny Deaves said after she met her father (they was separated for a while because she comes from a BROKEN HOME - see what the malaise of society has done!) she said to herself "he's not too bad" and that's how the relationship began.

Oh funny I thinks to myself some things are not too bad too, but that does not mean I break the law and procreate with them!

Mr Deaves say: "I knew it was illegal, of course I knew it was illegal but you know, so what."

So everything, immoral person!

It is these kinds of people that can almost make a person waver from their mission! The path to prudism is littered with trash ...

Milly give me the Willies!

Well they say politics is a dirty, ugly game, but I thought it were supposed to have at least a veneer of conservatism and propriety. No longer it seems! I has seen this disgrace of a Milly D'Abraccio heading into Italian politics . How dare she think to represent the people - she a porn star!

Now, it is my understanding that politicians would have to at least to pretend to tackle issues such as health and eductaion and families. And we is supposed to respect them. But how can we expect to respect such a lady - well FEMALE - well DISCGRACE TO HER GENDER - who is openly flaunting her job that was to make men feel improper feelings and promote a very unchaste activity? I tells you!

It cannot be for the good of the peoples. It would dirty their minds.

Indeed, I would say that Milly, simply by running is adding to pollution in Italy already. That cannot be good for a country.

If her hospital policy was to add more beds, you would always be asking yourself "What is those beds FOR?" If it was more books for schools, you would be quaking in fear as to the content of those books. I tells you, a politician who brings such fear into lives should be not allowed even to put her name on the ballot just in case someone's hand slips and accidentally marks her name and she accidentally gets voted in (because no one, I is sure, would vote her in on purpose. I shudder at the thoughts)

But - well, she is certainly not into a "no butts" campaign as she shows hers everywhere. Really, you ought to draw the line somewhere, and hopefully peoples is not thinking of a pantyline or bumcrack line as I say that.

Pull your pants up, Milly, and lift your game!

What's more, D'Abbraccio wants to create a red light area with strip clubs, erotic discos and sex shops called Love City just kilometres away from the Vatican.

How low cans you get? True love is not about this.

And what a way to run a city.

I can only say I hopes she does not win and has to get an HONEST job like the rest of us!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

An Award Worth Striving For

Prude's Mission.

This is an award worth striving for ... worth living for ... worth, well, collecting charity in little tins for.

I thinks it is most respectable, and I urge other wannabe prudes to go for it. Don't be afraid .. Be Prude and Proud! And one day this honour may be yours!