Tuesday, 15 April 2008

These people read too much Virginia Andrews

Possibly you has never read a Virginia Andrews novel. If you has never, you is lucky. Don't.

The biggest theme is incest is great if you like each other. Oh, I guess she forgot it is illegal, disgusting, perverted, immoral and can lead to DEFORMITIES. And it make Prude chuck up into a toilet every time she even hear about it.

OK, I is back.

Anyhow, I thinks some South Australians maybe haven't got that message yet, or maybe have read a Virginia Andrews one too many.

Because this father-daughter union is just plain pukable . Oh whoopee they has had a child together. Probably one who will be brought up on Flowers in the Attic and other stuff instead of good honourable books. I feel for the child. John and Jenny Deaves have done the dirty against the laws of society. And I is not talking about the fact they could both spare a few kilos either.

Jenny Deaves said after she met her father (they was separated for a while because she comes from a BROKEN HOME - see what the malaise of society has done!) she said to herself "he's not too bad" and that's how the relationship began.

Oh funny I thinks to myself some things are not too bad too, but that does not mean I break the law and procreate with them!

Mr Deaves say: "I knew it was illegal, of course I knew it was illegal but you know, so what."

So everything, immoral person!

It is these kinds of people that can almost make a person waver from their mission! The path to prudism is littered with trash ...


Meribah said...

To this, the puppy says "eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" :S

dysthymiac said...

Dear Prude You are so right.
Unfortunately I saw that news where the abandoning Father said "So what".
His silly daughter (of course).
They should be removed from the gene-pool.

Won't somebody think of the poor little children?
Bless you.

prude said...

Ewwwwww is right. It rate right off the eeeeeeeew scale and make the eeeeew-o-meter almost break!

Dysthymiac, it is so sad that someone could be so lacksadaisical about morals in our society I thinks. He makes no sense whatsoever. He is a disgrace.

He needs to be pulled up on this. Give him a big pull up of the pants so he gets a wedgie, that should makes him takes notice!