Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Purity Balls and Prudity Balls

Now has you heard of the craze of the Purity Ball ? Apparently it is not new but I has only recently heard of it. Usually the words "purity" and "balls" don't sit too well together with me, but then I heard this was balls as in dance and Prudey here is all for dancing. So I investigated a little further.

Apparently it is a formal event held by God-loving folks where fathers take a pledge before God to protect daughters from impure things (i.e. protect her from SEX) and girls promise to remain virgins til marriage.

They also gets to dance a bit and I would say probably have fruity drinks.

There has been some criticism that it takes the power of sex away from the girls and makes it a man's property like the fathers, and then her husband's. Also it focus on sex a lot. But I guess this is the price you pay for virginity in this crazy world.

Many evangelical Christians is very much into it because it bring virginity back as an important issue, and also there is a lot of opportunity for dancing.

I would say for Prudey they is very important things.

However I read a bit more about this and a Good Weekend article said that stats on Purity Balls said heaps of girls after their Purity Ball had sex within 3 years!

88% had sex before they was married!

Now they might as well not have bothered! I thinks if you is making a promise you ought not just make it for a bit of the penguin bop and the promise of a fruity drink and a cupcake! That is MOST immoral.

People is just not serious today about their pledges. They has not got the willpower. And willpower is what really matters.

Myself, I would like to hold Prudity Balls. I would like to get together new recruits to pledge they would be true to Prude's Mission.

Chastity and Dignity and Kindness to Penguins!

However you has to be truly committed. None of this half-hearted I is there for the eatables stuff. No way.

Only Real Prudes need don their penguin suits and make their way to the ballroom floor!


Meribah said...

While the goal of these balls are laudable, I don't think peeps should be making pledges they might not be able to keep. After all, pledges (or promises) are very serious things to make and should not be made lightly!

Prude said...

Promises is not made to be broken!

Now how would you likes it if people said casual words and then just sallied away and youse depended on them? Well, I thinks these people should think about it too.

I thinks they is just in it for the nice dress and dance, and that is a bit of a fraud!