Tuesday, 22 April 2008

No Big Bazookas for Little Girls

In NSW they is overhauling the rules so little girls cannot overhaul their breasts too soon.

High time I say.

They is trying to make rules so that teenage girls cannot get breast implants and other plastic surgery which many do to makes themselves look sexy. They wish to make sure they are older before they make the decision.

I think it is a good thing. Young girls now is too sex-obsessed, and if they is having big boobs, then it will get them into trouble and I is not talking about difficulty in walking down narrow corridors though that is a concern too. I means if you look on the link I provide too many men is going on about how women should be allowed to do it because they (the men) thinks it looks desirable. Men. All they is thinking about is their own eye candy. It is very selfish.

But what about the important issues, like the girl's virginity which is of course at stake if the girl become very hot looking and of course must be protected if she is to be a pure and moral and dignified creature?

In fact why wait just til they is 18?

18 is too provocative, they is still bait at 18.

Perhaps it should be made law that noone should be allowed breast enhancements til they is truly past it and even with big breasts they woulds not be alluring to anyone then your sex is not in danger.

For instance if you is dog ugly or you is old and wrinkly.

If you has got a certificate saying you is allowed a breast implant you is knowing you fall into this category and no one - well at least 99% of people is not lookiing at you with any sexual desire and wouldn't even if you had thouasnds of dollars of reconstruction.

Then you can do as you please.

It is an idea. I might present it to be tabled.


Bwca said...

... maybe Everybody should get surgical breasts.
Then it would be a level ice-flo for all Penguins.

Prude said...

There is no way Prudey will get her chest biggened! No, not even for an even penguin ski-slope!

TimT said...

Maybe it's time for a 2020 PRUDE SUMMIT! 1000 of our most chaste, pure, self-appointed moral leaders gather in Canberra to preach to the rest of us!

Oh, wait, has that already happened?

Meribah said...

I agree that young girls should not be allowed to have breast implants. After all, their bodies (and minds) are still growing and maturing. They need to give themselves time to fully develop so they can make a mature choice. Besides, breast implants aren't exactly healthy. Weird bacteria and stuff can grow in them, causing all sorts of health problems!

Prude said...

TimT, theys did not invite me. Mr Rudd missed out big time.

Friendless said...

As a pervert with a sick and twisted mind, I confess that fake bazookas draw my attention and I can't keep my eyes off them. However I DON'T like them. I look at the bazookas then I look at the face and think "she doesn't look that stupid". Maybe women with fake bazookas just want to attract compulsive stares from men who really aren't interested in them. There must be some sort of attractive force between the gel in the fake gazoombas and the gel in men's eyeballs.