Monday, 28 April 2008

World Penguin Day - same day as ANZAC Day!

I has been reliably informed that World Penguin Day occurs on or around each year, April 25th. Though some people celebrate it on Penguin Awareness Day in January 20th.

And in New Orleans they celebrated it on March 22nd, for some reason.

But most people celebrate it on April 25th.

Maybe there is some confusion and dissent because there are so many penguins around making their mark in the world? I hopes it settles down a bit, for if there is one thing Penguins advocate (as well as chastity and dignity) it is peace and harmony.

This is (April 25th), incidentally, the same day as ANZAC Day in Australia. So it is an EXTRASPECIAL DAY.

On ANZAC Day Australians observe a minute's silence for their troops, sometimes longer than that if they can think up lots of troops.

I would recommend perhaps also thinking about penguins and prudeness then.

Take some extra time, maybe five minutes if you wish so you have time to pay your respects to both the troops and to the Penguins, after all both is very important to Australians or should be. They has given us lots of culture. Who could forget Gallipoli, but then again who could forget Nicole Kidman in Happy Feet?

It is an important day for us all.

Lest we forget.

What did you do on World Penguin Day?


TimT said...

On World Penguin Day, I thought about everything that penguins have done for me. It took a lot of thinking, let me tell you that!

Ann O'Dyne said...

all through Happy Feet I was looking out for the polar bears and hoping that if a dear penguin should be Among The Fallen, that it would be the Kidguin and not one of the nice ones.

beware of polar bears

on my Links list Brisbane blogger Woolly Days*
has a post about an island where there are more polar bears than people, so do not book for this island at your Prude Package Tours dealer.

*clearly the heat up there in Brissy has got him thinking of ice floes and sweaters.