Sunday, 11 May 2008

Now she's done it! And she'd do it again!

A teacher says she would flaunt her naughty bits again.

It has come to a sad time in our society when a primary school teacher, a moral compass for our young minds, has not only NOT repented for flaunting her naughty bits once, but has said she will do it again.

I hopes this is not meant to be an arithmetic lesson and she is teaching the kiddies to count to ten. Flaunt one, Flaunt two and so on. I think the old use your fingers to teach or maybe counters on a string would work just fine. I is not going in for these modern sensationalist methods.

Furthermore she pose naked in a magazine Cleo with her husband talking about their sex lives.

Well that is the end. Little kiddies do not needs to know about sex. It is quite sufficient for them to learn about the Good Fairy Penguin who bestow upon you a little baby if youse wish for one very hard and is good. And then this also mean she encourage her husband to show his tiddlywinks too, and everyone know that a man's tiddlywinks is much more ... let us say SEEABLE than a lady's.

So it is even worse.

And then even endorsing that rag Cleo. And you think you has not breached an ethical code of conduct? I fear for you!

No it is not right at all. I for one would make sure children is never seeing nakedness. There ought to be a rule that when they prepares for a bath it ought to be a bubble one, they is to close their eyes when they is undressed, then you whisk them under the bubbles quick before they is allowed to open their eyes so they don't get a look. Preserve their innocence.

Oh and don't let this lady teacher persuade you otherwise. Would you rather your child be a believer or a streaker? A member of the Prude fold or a centrefold?

I knows you will choose wisely.


Mr Mean said...

Or perhaps your child could be an activist?

And who knows? That student may become Australia's top politician one day!

TimT said...

Reading magazines is certainly immoral. Far too many pictures.

I recommend a book. For instance, 'A Comprehensive Guide to the London Sewerage System', published by Sludge and Whartson - 1054 pages, and NO immoral pictures. Highly edifying!

Mac said...

*shakes head*

I hope the next teachers of Ms. Tziolas' students have better reading comprehension skills than she does. Because someone who can't read a simple Code of Conduct should not be trying to pass knowledge to the kiddies.

Oh, and Prude - may I just say that your blog is a masterpiece? :D I just stumbled onto it a few days ago, and its awesomeness is so overwhelming that I had to link to it on my website. I hope that's okay with you.

Meribah said...

Teachers are suppose to be good role models for children. What is this world coming to? Tsk tsk tsk!

Ann O'Dyne said...

You won't hear me arguing with you Dear Prudeguin.

The schoolroom must be kept PURE simply because it is the only place where the dear little kiddies are not bombarded with obscenities and licentiousnesses.

That bad teacher should be dunked in the pond on the village common.

Prude said...

Dear all,

Mr Mean,

If I should have a little Prude, I is sure that little Prude will march to the beat of the Penguin step and activate the activations of the chaste way the truth and the right, just as Prudey says. It would be in her jeans. And I would make sure those jeans stayed ZIPPED.

Hmmm, you is right TimT, there is degrees of filth. I has a feeling not many people would be drawn into the hanky panks in the sewer so it is probably a highly sex-free zone.

Then again you never no some filthy people and their fetishes.

Mac - Thanks you. The more links the better. Spreading the word is what it is all about!

Meribah, my good friend, good to see you and the pup and your disapproval of immoral acts alive and well here. You are a most reliable friend.

Ann dear I thinks you is thinking what I is thinking.

Gone are the days when a child could run into the living room and be free of filth. Gone are the days when they could say Mummy Mummy I has something to show you and not be sure that Mummy and Daddy would not be doing naughty stuff in the kitchen or bedroom.

Even the library is not safe.

And the back garden - well it is that spa and jacuzzi which is getting the adults I thinks.

And the beach - those nudists!

So we need a haven. School is it. It is the only safe place. It should be like a moral black box like they have in aeroplanes where no immoral stuff can get in and break it, no matter what other dabgerous stuff is rattling outside. It should survive all storms. It is our obligation to the future to make it that way!