Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Another Henson Photo

Another column is abuzz with Henson outrage , yes it even show pics. Different pics from what were removed from the Bill Henson exhibition recently which was of a young teenage girl naked.

This selection still shows a young character and he is not wearing clothes. I think it is also shamefully aimed at young people and the dim lighting is meant to be suggesting erotica. I thinks we should be thinking long and hard about the implications on this on our society.

Simply because some creatures has fur and some does not have so much (different degrees of hairiness on different humans) well is that a reason that nudity is more or less moral on some critters than others? I ask you?

In fact some would say that certain hair on humans should be well covered up, the more hair the more cover please.


mac said...

This is an outrage! First he has millions of people paying money to tickle him, and now this? When will the exploitation of this poor, fragile, young soul end? :(

Prude said...

It has gone on for too long.

He is red.

He is blushing.

You can see he has had enough.