Monday, 9 June 2008

Immoral or Amoral?

I was reading some writing by someone who had written about morality.

In fact the person wrote:

"Which is better, Immorality or Amorality?"

Immoral means to do the wong thing. The person is a person who follows the wrong thing all the time. They has low, base standards. They knows sex is bad and they decides to do it anyhows. That kind of creep. They realise everyone disapproves of chopping off heads and then they will run around lopping them off anyhow. And then they will probably chuckle too, just for pops.

Amoral is a person who has no standards. They has not had any guidance. These are the loose cannons. These people look at people who has heads chopped off and thinks "Oh gosh I do not see the problem is there a problem I do not understand perhaps I will do it too because I do not see there is a problem maybe I will join in perhaps."

They has sex because they does not know any better.

They does lots of things because they does not know any better or they does not care.

Immoral peoples care but they is defiant.

I kept thinking about this question:

"Which is better, Immorality or Amorality?"

Then I realised it is a trick:

There is no BETTER about it because BETTER implies GOODNESS and none is GOOD!

They is both BAD YUK.

Best avoid both.


Mr Mean said...

“Immoral means to do the wong thing.”

Some Wongs are more moral than Wrights. In any case, I advocate some Lee way when judging others.

prude said...

You sound like a very Badde person from where I stand. I think s you might be the kinds who cannot tell the wong from wright and you end up not immoral, not amoral but nomoral. And Nomoral, that is the wongest of them ALL

Meribah said...

Ah, the age old problem of figuring out which evil is the lesser of the two. Your solution: reject both and go for the good. The puppy likes the way Prude thinks! Yes, let's go with Prude's idea. :)

prude said...

I think Mae West say she would try the one she haven't tried before, between two evils. If there were such a fork in the road, I would be staying stock still. If there wre two such meals offered me, I would suddenly not be hungry!