Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Mary Poppins Advances the Cause of the Penguin Dance

I would like to direct young minds to the movie, Mary Poppins.

There is no need to watch the whole thing, though of course you may if you wish. I has watched it carefully and I has not found any sexy or bad language in it. So it is not too bad an influence on young minds.

Though of course I must warn you that when Bert and Mary and the Banks children are on the roofs they is covered in soot. Note that this is not a very goodly way to keep oneself, a good living person keeps oneself clean on the inside and out.

However, the important part to watch is the bit when Mary and Bert go on a "Jolly Holiday" inside the chalk painting, on a holiday in the painting. Then they dance their ways to a nice little tea house and outs come ...


You has got it. Penguins.

Little penguins who is happy to act as waiters, because penguins are thoughtful types, and "at your service" is their way of thinking.

What is more, to demonstrate their cheerfulness and gladsomeness, they do a dance, and what is better, Bert joins in.

He demonstrates to human beings that Penguin Dancing is not beyond us, if we give it a go.

Now I would not say Bert is the most elegant dancer I has ever seen, but at least he give it a go, and he try to penguin dance.

That is something we should all aspire to. Give Penguin dancing a go, like Bert!


Ann O'Dyne said...

Penguins are ready-dressed for any occasion.
There may be smut in the chimneys but there's no smut about the Poppins penguins.

Maria said...

I agree. Dick Van Dyke can even lower his trousers in order to do a penguin dance, and remain un-smutty.

Meribah said...

Ooo! The puppy really liked Mary Poppins as a kid (still does) and the dancing penguins is one of her fav parts. Penguins are so cute, no matter what!

Dysthymiac said...

it's the dinner suits.

prude said...

You have real artsy taste, Meribah. I nominate you for the Academy Award panel, if I may.

Dysthymiac, I is not sure whether tuxedos is called penguin suits because because the penguin is dignified and the dinner wishes to be dignified and therefore introduce a bit of penguin to class it up, or because the dinner was dignified so they said "penguin suits" because when you think dignity you is thinking of penguins.

Does that make sense? Of course. Which came first, the penguin or the egg?

Either way it all comes down to nobility and the penguin. It is virtually inseparable.

Oh and it is cute looking too!