Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Mary Poppins Advances the Cause of the Penguin Dance

I would like to direct young minds to the movie, Mary Poppins.

There is no need to watch the whole thing, though of course you may if you wish. I has watched it carefully and I has not found any sexy or bad language in it. So it is not too bad an influence on young minds.

Though of course I must warn you that when Bert and Mary and the Banks children are on the roofs they is covered in soot. Note that this is not a very goodly way to keep oneself, a good living person keeps oneself clean on the inside and out.

However, the important part to watch is the bit when Mary and Bert go on a "Jolly Holiday" inside the chalk painting, on a holiday in the painting. Then they dance their ways to a nice little tea house and outs come ...


You has got it. Penguins.

Little penguins who is happy to act as waiters, because penguins are thoughtful types, and "at your service" is their way of thinking.

What is more, to demonstrate their cheerfulness and gladsomeness, they do a dance, and what is better, Bert joins in.

He demonstrates to human beings that Penguin Dancing is not beyond us, if we give it a go.

Now I would not say Bert is the most elegant dancer I has ever seen, but at least he give it a go, and he try to penguin dance.

That is something we should all aspire to. Give Penguin dancing a go, like Bert!

I want a POMI!

South Korean Researchers have unveiled POMI and it has nothing to do with the Brits.

This one have emotions, and interacts with humans!

Gosh I think it is a great.

What it is is a robotic penguin, but it apparently has all the senses, it can see feel touch and everything, even smell (where is my Prudey deodorant, I wish to make a good impression) and can meet and greet.

It has voice recognition technology. And I bet in its heart of heart-boxes it will recognise me and Mr Jumbles.

I need to rush in there and get one, and maybe an army of them, and convert them to Prudism quick before anyone has other ideas about twisting the brains of robotic penguins for bad uses. It would be immoral to do otherwise.

Besides, I'm sure Mr Jumbles would just like one for a friend! Not that Squawk has not been a friend of valour but friends ... you can do with a few more I is sure.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Stop the Pope!

I has recently got a memo notifying me that World Youth Day, including Pope Benedict XVI's visit could drive up the market for brothels.

More Pope, more sex it seems. More Youth Day More sex. More Cathgolic Church celebration, more sex.

I is not sure why this is. It would not happen if it were a Penguin Parade, I assure you. I is not sure what it is about Catholics, Priests and crosses that has people running to the brothels. But it seem to have some correlation according to what i has been informed.

What do it mean? If this is true, it mean we must take precaution.

What can we do?

1) Stop the Pope! Kindly inform him he is a bad influence, his preference encourages the sex trade.
2) Have all those in the Pope's vicinity wear regulation chastity belts. They will not be allowed to be unlocked for three weeks after the Pope has left, just to make sure.
3) Collect all sex workers and put in a little sex zoo where they is not allowed to have any contact with the outside world for the duration of the Pope's visit.
Actually this idea could go on for longer than the Pope's visit. It could go on indefinitely. If they could be shot into outer space it would be excellent.

Immoral or Amoral?

I was reading some writing by someone who had written about morality.

In fact the person wrote:

"Which is better, Immorality or Amorality?"

Immoral means to do the wong thing. The person is a person who follows the wrong thing all the time. They has low, base standards. They knows sex is bad and they decides to do it anyhows. That kind of creep. They realise everyone disapproves of chopping off heads and then they will run around lopping them off anyhow. And then they will probably chuckle too, just for pops.

Amoral is a person who has no standards. They has not had any guidance. These are the loose cannons. These people look at people who has heads chopped off and thinks "Oh gosh I do not see the problem is there a problem I do not understand perhaps I will do it too because I do not see there is a problem maybe I will join in perhaps."

They has sex because they does not know any better.

They does lots of things because they does not know any better or they does not care.

Immoral peoples care but they is defiant.

I kept thinking about this question:

"Which is better, Immorality or Amorality?"

Then I realised it is a trick:

There is no BETTER about it because BETTER implies GOODNESS and none is GOOD!

They is both BAD YUK.

Best avoid both.