Sunday, 6 April 2008

An Award Worth Striving For

Prude's Mission.

This is an award worth striving for ... worth living for ... worth, well, collecting charity in little tins for.

I thinks it is most respectable, and I urge other wannabe prudes to go for it. Don't be afraid .. Be Prude and Proud! And one day this honour may be yours!


Meribah said...

Do I get a penguin of my very own too? **Asks the puppy, hopefully**

prude said...

You cannot have Mr Jumbles. Mr Jumbles is not to be had.

However, a penguin of your own.

Well, you could adopt a penguin. That could be a GOOD DEED that could help you on the path to an AWARD.

As for a Penguin for a Prude Prize ... i thinks that would be a good prize, but I think I may have to dream up some worthy Prude Challenges for people to strive for before they get the Penguin.

I thinks they would do it if they got a Penguin.

I hope they would.