Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Stand by Man ... But what about Stand by Morals?

Now here it is - a famous man New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is in the middle of a sex scandal . OK so what is new, you is asking. It is sad but true that famous people seems to be having sex in sorry places more than ordinary people, or maybe they is just getting caught more. Whatever it is, this time, Silda Wall Spitzer who is his wife is standing by him for the moment.

Now there is other women who has been pointed to having similar experiences and also standing by their men, like Hillary Clinton or Dina McGreevey. Do this make the matter of the world better? of course not, it make it worse. When all these men is running about with other people, in Spitzer's case a PROSTITUTE (I feel faint) then there is something rotting with the morals in our society.

Ms McGreevey say don't say it is bad for Ms Spitzer to stand by her man because she did the same thing and you don't know what it is like until you have been in another person's shoes.

Well I say I likes being in Prude's shoes. After you has been with a man who has cheated I would be rather wary about what had been happening to my shoes and other intimate apparel items. I thinks my own shoes is the best. At least I wash them thoroughly and make sure they is disinfected properly with a proper powder and soap. No germs. You don't need to be in another person's germpot to know it is germy!

Now she is saying there is good reason to stay because of the children.

Oh I can see that all right.

"Hi daddy. Here is your pancake. Did you have a good day at the office with your prostitute?" I is thinking that is not very wholesome breakfast chat.

Ms Spitzer for some strange reason may wish to stand by her man, perhaps because she has been watching some of those mushy romances in the Mills & Boon section where the naughty husband come back and apologise and everything is ok again but by standing by her man what is she doing for the Prudey Cause?

I thinks nothing.

It is teaching the man he can go off with a prostitute and then that is good behaviour. That is not what Prudism is about. It is not saying I thinks your crotch ought to be shackled in a dungeon for the rest of eternity for your trespasses into the llewd world how dare you how dare you you have a lot to pay for mister which is closer to Prudey teachings.

Oh he gets off too lightly if it is all forget and forget and defend I thinks.


Friendless said...

Prude, could you please post photos of the prostitute so I can be disgusted?

Meribah said...

Somehow, I doubt very much these cheaters got off "scott free." The women may stand by their men...but only because they now have them on a very short, very stout, leash!

Friendless said...

This not relevant, but Prude will enjoy it.


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Anonymous said...

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