Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A Very Appropriate Start

Has anyone viewed my blog in Mozilla Firefox (or any browser other than Internet Explorer lately?) and noted the URL?

I thinks it is VERY appropriate for a Prudey!


Friendless said...

Huh? Mr Jumbles in the address bar? He has no clothes on.

prude said...

Wrong again - he is fully dressed in his Penguin Birthday Suit!

Unlike Humans, Penguins are fully dressed at birth, and a birthday suit for Penguins is a name for that dignified clothing they wears. No nudey skin protruding, it is all covered up!

That is one reason why we should admire them so much. What advancement of evolution!

If there were such a mag as Playpenguin the centrefold would have to be shaved. because simply standing there without a jacket on does not technically constitute nudity. But of course Penguins do not descend to such stuff because they is not having dirty minds.

Meribah said...

Oooo! Me like the penguin icon! Very dignified. :)

prude said...

Me had the same thoughts, Me-ribah

Friendless said...

I think all centrefolds should be shaved as a matter of course.