Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Milly give me the Willies!

Well they say politics is a dirty, ugly game, but I thought it were supposed to have at least a veneer of conservatism and propriety. No longer it seems! I has seen this disgrace of a Milly D'Abraccio heading into Italian politics . How dare she think to represent the people - she a porn star!

Now, it is my understanding that politicians would have to at least to pretend to tackle issues such as health and eductaion and families. And we is supposed to respect them. But how can we expect to respect such a lady - well FEMALE - well DISCGRACE TO HER GENDER - who is openly flaunting her job that was to make men feel improper feelings and promote a very unchaste activity? I tells you!

It cannot be for the good of the peoples. It would dirty their minds.

Indeed, I would say that Milly, simply by running is adding to pollution in Italy already. That cannot be good for a country.

If her hospital policy was to add more beds, you would always be asking yourself "What is those beds FOR?" If it was more books for schools, you would be quaking in fear as to the content of those books. I tells you, a politician who brings such fear into lives should be not allowed even to put her name on the ballot just in case someone's hand slips and accidentally marks her name and she accidentally gets voted in (because no one, I is sure, would vote her in on purpose. I shudder at the thoughts)

But - well, she is certainly not into a "no butts" campaign as she shows hers everywhere. Really, you ought to draw the line somewhere, and hopefully peoples is not thinking of a pantyline or bumcrack line as I say that.

Pull your pants up, Milly, and lift your game!

What's more, D'Abbraccio wants to create a red light area with strip clubs, erotic discos and sex shops called Love City just kilometres away from the Vatican.

How low cans you get? True love is not about this.

And what a way to run a city.

I can only say I hopes she does not win and has to get an HONEST job like the rest of us!

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dysthymiac said...

Magic Milly just follow in tracks of MP Cicciolina who was very fond of exposing her chests for the cameras and then married Jeff Koons and exposed everything else.
Italian politics very strange.