Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Crude & Rude Movies

I is very disappointed in people nowadays. We is getting bombarded with unwholesome movies. Not only was there that disgusting Farce of the Penguins but now there is this utterly gross Superbad thing and then a very tasteless I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry .

Why is it that people thinks that sex and masturbation and other such filth is the source of the best comedy? I is saying right now to you that it is not. It is not something that need to be explored and put out in the public. It is not natural or to be talked about. I can say for the record I has not ever masturbated and if I did I would do it for medical purposes only under the direction and supervision of a doctor.

And then there is silly gay jokes and boobie jokes. Well that is not a joke at all, especially if it is Adam Sandler involved that is worse. Homosexuals should be decried as immoral not laughed about as if their movement - literal or metaphorical - was something to be regarded with levity. And Adam Sandler regard a woman' breast area not with the proper amount of modesty. I think it is disgusting.

We need some more family movies. Movies that make people go out there and savour the greatness that it is to be upright and moral and embrace the world in its fullness and not wish to lower yourself to tawdry things like sex. One that make people concentrate on important things like charity, environment, goood posture, exercise, harmony in life etc. I is thinking of releasing a good exercise video. The model of course would be penguin dancing and themes but I is open to other suggestions. Graceful stretches to promote good breathing and healthy thoughts. Excellent posture, which can fail those at time when one blogs too often. And so on.

At any rate, do not waste your time in a movie theatre with these movies. Good health also mean keeping a good clean mind!


Friendless said...

If you don't think masturbation is funny you obviously haven't seen me do it.

GT said...

Superbad looks kind of funny in the way that it's actually got a storyline. That's what annoys me about the others.

Maria said...

I haven't seen you doing it, friendless, obviously.

That is, I hope it's obvious that I haven't seen you doing it.

Also, I haven't seen you doing it in obvious manner.

I hope it should be obvious that I haven't seen you do it ... or are you a public masturbator?

Get thee hence!

Maria said...

I'm not sure - is it going to be a lukewarm version of American Pie?

prude said...

Superbad look bad not super. A story line do not mean good. Especially if it is a bad story line. And if it has sex in it then what can I say?

Super-BAD. Better off without a storyline. And without a production at all.

Friendless, you could use some help.

That was phrased badly. I mean psychiatric.

prude said...

GT, is that a picture of a Mr Potatohead or what?

Oh, GT, what big ears you has!

Meribah said...

Actually, sex is natural. Even penguins do it. Without sex, we would not be here! :)

GT said...

Meribah is absolutely right.

Prude I think you may be in need of a "psychiatric"

prude said...

I do not care meribah! I has never seen a penguin masturbate. Never!

And even if I had I would not want to see Friendless do it, that would be unnatural! I is certain of that.

Penguins got here by EGGS.

prude said...

EGGS. You keep them warm.

Then out hatches a little penguin. I saw it on Happy Feet. Please do not tell me you is masturbating over them in the supermarket aisle. Please!

prude said...

I is a perfectly normal prude, thank you for your suggestion, GT.

Someone said to me something similar once. To prove them wrong I went to a psychiatric. I book one session and told them about my ideals as a prude and my thought on penguins and my life mission. It took four hours and I was not even a twentieth of the way through.

The psychiatric told me later there was no need to ever return.

I think that settles the question does it not?

I is not in need of help, I is however put on the Earth to help others. It is my mission!

GT said...

I think you need a second opinion there Prude

prude said...

Very well.

Mr Jumbles, what do you thinks?

*Mr Jumbles looks at me peacefully and sagely.*

I rest my case!

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lee woo said...

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