Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Respect Your Elder

Prude was walking through Hyde Park recently. She dodged the charity collector for AIDS who is always there. Prude does not like giving to AIDS charities; she has read about AIDS. It seems from her pamphlet reading which she think is the best source of accurate information, many of those who call themselves AIDS victims has been loose about sex or drugs or has even worse - been homosexual. And that is something Prude do not support, so she support different charities instead. She is a great charity giver and collector, as her avid readers know.

She is also a great lover of nature, and brisk walks, which is why she walk through Hyde Park. It is this day when a nice man in a suit - not quite a penguin suit but he is getting there - stop her and say politely:

"Hello. I am Elder Spina. How are you today?"

"I is good, how is you," Prude replies. Prude says this nicely as Prude is a well-brought up female. She respects her elder.

"I am well thank you."

"I respect my Elder, however I do not think much of Spinners. I is a direct and honest type. I think that is virtuous," I say.

"Hmmm," say Elder Spina. "I am Elder Spina but I am not a Spinner. I speak honestly."

"Is you saying you is disowning and dishonouring your family?" I ask. Prude is getting suspicious and beginning to learn respect. A pity as he seemed a well dressed and potentially, easily, convertible man. I was thinking about how he could well be a spokesperson for my mission.

"No, I am called Spina, but I am not as I appear, I mean, I mean, I talk truly, but I honour the Spinas, yet I do not think highly of Spinners, just like you, that is what I mean."

"Hmmm," Prude is thinking this fellow may be in need of psychological assessment. "I is called Prude and I is prude. I think you may need help."

He is mumbling something about the Lord or about "Oh Lord" but I thinks he needs serious counselling. Unfortunately it is not my specialist area, but in recommending this to him I feel I has done my bit and now it is up to him to put his foot upon the path to see the light.

Perhaps when he is healed I shall come back to the Park and convert him. I see potential. He was reaching out!


Anonymous said...

Have you converted Burger Boy yet?

What do you do for a living Prude, if you aren't a Psychiatrist?

The Man

Meribah said...

Heeheehee! Yup, somebody is definitely confused. Poor Mr. Spina. Perhaps if you had been wearing your penguin suit, this Spina person's understanding would have blossomed like a flower after a gentle rain? :)

prude said...

My life's work is to convert the world to moral behaviour (and to save penguins), The Man.

I is definitely not a Psychiatrist - it is not my ambition to has as many people on my couch as possible.

prude said...

I like to believe it meribah - the penguin suit has a rare power. If only people's hearts and souls and minds could be touched by simply reaching deep inside themselves, and knowing the truth. But instead we have to use the more conventionl method - the penguin suit.

At least we know there is SOME WAY for the people to have guidance.

I need to find a way to change into the penguin suit within nanoseconds.

Anonymous said...

What in the world is all this rambling all about? Sounds like you are trying to rip on people that volunteer two years of their lives to go out and serve other people and spread the word of the Lord. Pretty easy to sit and blog.

prude said...

It is fairly easy to write a blog post. It is easier to comment on a blog post.

It is not so easy to devote yourself to Prude's Mission however if you attempt you shall reap the rewards. I reach out to you also anonymous. I reach out. It is my life's work and ambition to helps all people and I shall be pleased if you shall make the effort ...