Wednesday, 25 April 2007

There's no pleasing some people ...

We should all perform public services. Sometimes in this immoral world of ours people think only of how they can please themselves without thinking of the common good.

Prude is a shining example of how people can give back to the community. No no, it is not just how she shine a great moral light by collecting money for charity and promoting the penguin dance for all (though this is highly appreciated I am sure by many).

It is little acts that count, and you too can learn.

For instance, Prude was walking in the city recently, collecting for charity, where a doddery old lady who was clearly past it was attempting to hail a taxi, with not much success. They ignore her.

"Little Old Lady, they is ignoring you because you is small and slow," I point out. "Let me help."

"Hmmm, I is usually able to get a cab," she say. "They see me fine."

"It is probably because you have shrivelled even smaller lately. That happens at your age. Faster and faster."

"It is probably a bad day for taxis."

"I think it is because you is slow on your feet to run for them, too," I says.

I try a few times and I hails her a taxi. They see me quite clearly and Little Old Lady struggle in.

"Where you wanna go?" say the taxi driver.

"It is not for me, it is for the Little Old Lady," I explain. "WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?" I ask, as everyone know you get hard of hearing when you is old.

"I is not deaf," reply Little Old Lady, indignantly.

"See it is not a bad day for taxis. I has got you a taxi."

"Eventually," she say, a bit sarcastic and ungrateful I think. "Mostly I think it is that they notice your rather strange and ridiculous penguin suit!"

How dare she mock my penguin suit! After what I has done for her! I would retort back, but I respect my elders. Otherwise, there may have been a very undignified scuffle!


alexis said...

"Shrivelled"! Literary perfection!

Meribah said...

LOL I think most little old ladies would get upset if somebody called them shrivelled and slow!

prude said...

She obviously was not one to appreciate great literature, alexis. really, there is NO pleasing some people!