Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Postscript: A Gay Working Day

Hmmm; I mentions that Gay Hamilton might be better off in the tmes of Enid Blyton, but considering Enid Blyton's fascination with Fanny and Dick and their chasing one another about everywhere and getting up to mischief, perhaps not the best example Prude could have thoughts up at the time for The Age Of Innocence.


Friendless said...

Prude, when are you going to post a nude photo of yourself?

Anonymous said...

Click "back" in your bar up the top and its on the right...

The Man

prude said...

Never! The chastity belt has become a part of me. We is inseparable.

That goes for the Penguin suit to, though I takes it off in private moments. Like when I get into bed I has special prudey pyjamas.

No, you do not get a peek. You are too easily tempted, friendless.

prude said...

Hmmm, anonymous is believeing that I is really Mr Jumbles.

I is female. Mr Jumbles is male.

Can you not tell?

Not that I encourage close peering at internet photos for gender-correct signs. Although my guess is that Friendless is a specialist at this sort of staring.

Anonymous said...

I have a name! And that name is -

The Man

Maria said...

The Man is anonymous?

Be a MAN. Reveal yourself.

Uh, Friendless, don't read too much into that.

TimT said...

No matter what you do on the stage
Keep it light, keep it bright, keep it gay!
Whether it's murder, mayhem or rage
Don't complain, it's a pain
Keep it gay!

People want laughter when they see a show
The last thing they're after's a litany of woe

A happy ending will pep up your play...

Oedipus won't bomb...

If he winds up with Mom!
Keep it gay!

Keep it gay...

Keep it gay!

Couldn't agree with you more. And you have our blessings, Roger, to make Springtime for Hitler just as gay as anyone could possibly want. So, c'mon, do it for us, please...

Thank you, Mel Brooks.

prude said...

Gayness on stage?

Staging a gayness for the gays?

Staging a gayness makes one gay?

Going through gay stages makes staging a gayness gayful?

It is all too much for me.

This overwhelmingness is why we must nipple - I mean nip - the Gay Hamiltons in the butt - bud I mean. Keep it straight & simple (KISS principle of prudey).

Anonymous said...

Maria - Prude as well - you will appreciate this. Got it from another blog.

A real man will have a higher purpose.

A real man will live by the right principles.

A real man works to do the right thing.

A real man has no fear of what others say about him.

A real man will always speak his mind, but always without resentment.

A real man knows that to give up any of the above means he ceases to be a real man.

Sorry but nowhere does it say that The Man will reveal himself as he represents everyone, powerful and weak, rich and poor, gentlemen and the discourteous.

The Man is not a god, The Man is however, everywhere and nowhere.

The Man

prude said...

You is just being a man.

Talk about insult.

(and you definitely do not represent me)