Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A Gay Working Day

There is some people who talks about equality in the workplace. But that is not completely true. For instance, if you is like Prude and you is a better smarter more moral worker, then you should be more respected. You has earned it. Even if it is not equal. And if someone is a criminal, like someone who has drunk up all the milk in the refrigerator or put nasty thumbtacks on your favourite chair knowing quite well it is you who always occupies it (I shall find out who it was yet) then they should not be well respected. They is low and unethical.

In such a position was Gay Hamilton who would have been quite chirpy perhaps if she had been about in the times of Enid Blyton. However it is important to make her understand that times have changed. Times is not so innocent any more and being gay or even being called Gay is quite queer and it give off a wrong smell to people. They pick it up on the air and they either run or they want a complete makeover.

Either way they treat you, by running away screaming, or start talking to you in a high-pitch voice wanting interior design tips, it is not professional.

Therefore it is quite right for them to fire her.

She can change her name by deed poll to something more flattering and dignified. Unfortunately the name Prude has been taken but I is sure something else will do.

*The computer system which detect this typeof error was very sophisticated. It also refused subscriptions of Yvette Rand and Yvonne Horn when subscription usernames were processed using surname plus first name initial. Blame the parents.


Paulo Visconti said...

It's a shame that this person got on your nerves so much. If she was really into interior design that's quite interesting. My philosophy is that, like clothes, jewellery and accessories, interiors should reflect your personality - whether you're fun, relaxed, conservative or adventurous. Interior design may seem a forbidding commitment because of the enormity of the change and the cost and trouble involved. But it should really be fun, reflect your personality and fire your creativity too. Then you will have a true feeling of ownership of the interior, so you'll be happy and productive there. I have had very happy experiences with Domane - they are an excellent firm of interior designers who do very impressive interiors. I have worked with them and they are highly professional and full of ideas:

prude said...

I is master of my own domain thank you. No need for shrieking hyena tips.

Especially if my interior design, it reflect my personality, this person is not one I want to let in the door!

Prude's interior design tip: Penguin themes.

You cannot go wrong.

prude said...


Penguin themes:

You can go wrong. But only if you are not of pure and cheery mind!

I remember my conversations on SATC with some dirty-minded people who wished to roast and eat penguins. This is not the sort of penguin theme I is meaning!

Lovette said...

Interesting to know.