Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Unadvised Names for Infant Minds

TimT has made a list of Suggested Names For Satanist Children and him being a great blog friend of mine I is honoured to say - or at least we post an each other's blogs from time to time which is what the internet come to these days in regard to friendship or even less when it come to Facebook - I is sure he do not mind too much my adapting his idea for a Prudey Post.

After all it is not at all as bad as what politicians do - both in terms of friendship and stealing ideas.

His post got me thinking about what disgusting names would be to call your child, if you is a Prude. Of course Prude is a fine name. So Is Mr Jumbles. And Squawk. My Father was descended of the great Prudes, we has a heritage, Prudus Nobilius, it go right back into history, it is a fine distinguished name.

But in fact it is more important to know of improper names, that you may avoid them, like cracks in the pavement, ticking time bombs, or people who try to get you to buy credit cards in the street.

I has compiled a list of some names off the top of my head I can think of as the most perilous. It is only a beginner's list.






French Fries

Burger Boy











Ginger Spice

Parsley Lynn

John Howard


alexis said...


TimT said...


alexis said...

"Sexula" is an anagram for "Alexus". I mention this because it's important to confront the evil within. Thank you, Prude.

prude said...

I ponder You name and I try to think of Alexis --> "Sex. Ail" And hopes you is sending out a curse on the harlots out there Alexis. It was a hope I was holding for you ...

And to think that you was just thinking of yourself as a rather twisted Sexula! I must try harder ... I must try harder ...

Meribah said...

Can you believe that some peeps actually name their children Gaylord??? I would not want to be a kid named Gaylord on his first day of school. **Wonders how such kids survive their first day, let alone live to survive the rest of the school year**

prude said...

Meribah - If youse watch an especially questionable film you will see a couple called Gaylord Focker and Pam Martha Focker.

Oh for their children! Their minds will be twisted. The school secretary will be sniggering each time she addresses the letters home! Poor things!

prude said...

Pride comes before a Fall, but this do not mean this should be the name of an American infant, older child before Fall. Or child born in Summer.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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