Friday, 21 December 2007

The Virgin Mary

It is that time of year - Christmas. And we should reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. And the messages we should gain from it.
There are some who think it is all about Santas and presents. Now that is not true at all. While I is a bit partial to a choccie Santa that is not what you should take away from Christmas as its true meaning. You can eat the choccie Santa and not get any meaning at all. In fact that is how it is most often done.

The Number one most important message you should get is not about the consumerism but about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Now there will be some people who will come up to you and want to go on about the gifts of gold, frankenstein and myrrh. Forget it, that is actually all product placement. Again it is all about presents, though nicely disguised with some wise men and a barn to make the message more holy sounding instead of a drunken uncle at a family get-together or an Office Kris Kringle. That is not what Christmas is mostly about, though it do come in sideways.

The main message is about the Virgin Birth.

That is the most important thing about Christmas.

Mary, she is the most moral of beings. Virginity should be aspired to by all. Not only did Mary keep her pants on tightly up til marriage and birth, but even til AFTER BIRTH. Now that is something women should aspire to though not any has accomplished it since that has been widely recorded.

But if she can, I thinks someone else could try if they set their minds to it hard enough. It would not be easy but definitely a goal worth trying for.

She is an inspiration and a role model for all women.

Think of her this Christmas.


R.H. said...

A penguin is a strange bird. For many reasons.

Virgin birth has been accomplished -with ceasarean.

Meribah said...

Well, one could have a baby without sex through in-vitro fertilization, but it wouldn't be as much fun, I should think. Anyways, I agree that one's virginity is a gift that should not be treated lightly or given to just anyone.
Merry Christmas, Prude! :)

Ann O'Dyne said...

oh dear, poor RH is getting his virgs mixed up with his vaginals.
It's the Conception dummy!

But pedantry aside, I love the VM.
All those lovely paintings, and I always wondered why, since she has SO MANY worshippers, that they have clearly not emulated the fashion of the gently draped blue hoody capey thing.

R.H. said...

After seven husbands you should know a thing or two; you can get pregnant just from spematoza on underwear. Okay? I don't want to elaborate.

R.H. said...

And I don't want to use that word again except to spell it right: SPERMATOZA!

Got it?


Maria said...

I wonder how the carols would have gone, and how Christmas would have been celebrated, had Jesus Christ been the son of a pair of dirty undies rather than that of God?

prude said...

Merry Christmas all peoples, and thanks you for joining in the praise of the Virgin! meribah, youse is completely correct. Virginity is not something to be thrown away like an icy pole wrapper. Though somes do, I think, with the same carelessness and glee to get to the prize and get disappointed, just as many finds out with icy poles. I must say I had a bad experience with an icy pole once, a very cheap half-melted one of a not-very enticing flavour and it has somewhat scarred me. Though the lemonade ones are quite good ...

Sorry where was I?

Ann O'Dyne, yes I thinks the Virgin Mary look very modest. Unlike some of the very immodest fashions of today such as Paris Hilton look-alikes I cannot think why peoples would prefer her looks over Mary. Mary is classy and dignified. Paris is cheap. There is no comparison.

R.H., I wish you well. Even if you has a somewhat dirty mind. And you too, Maria.

Merry Christmas!

Friendless said...

I would totally hit that Mary chick.

Merry Christmas Prude, I hope Burger Boy gives you a nice big present.

Kyle Foley said...

great blog - i've been attack our sex-obsessed culture for years.

we respect members of the opposite sex that shun promiscuity’s enticements. for we know that if we were to enter a relationship with them our feelings would concern them in absoluto. while bound to them we are confident that our dormant dragons of jealousy will never awaken, that the castles we construct with them will endure, that the fruit of our primitive behavior will mature into clear-thinking engineers, complex philosophers, incorruptible politicians and mental howitzers. on this non-promiscuous, responsible bulwark we can lavish countless hopes, can envision solid futures, emerald magnolias and blush. to explore their laptop computer and find several downloaded images of libidinous, disrobed femmes is to then wonder just how ravenous their sexual bison are and if they have or ever will act on that polygamous instinct which their pornography so unashamedly glorifies.

Maria said...

You're reminding me of a quote from Scrubs, Kyle, which went something along the lines of "if all the porn on the internet were gone, there would be only one website left, called 'Bring Back the Porn'"