Saturday, 8 December 2007

Would you face the Penguin Panel?

Now I has exciting news for those who has a computer or a video camera. Actually both. A panel of penguins is to be giving away $5000 in a competition where you create a film clip for them to market a book, called "A Fraction of the Whole" and the best clip gets the money.

Naturally you can give away the money to any charity you choose. That is FREE CHOICE hmm hmm

But loyalty to those who has told you about the competition karma karma karma karma

Anyhow I think it is a wonderful idea to think about how you measure up to penguin standards. There is bits about the book on the competition website and I thinks a good penguin lover could make a book promotion that the Penguins would think connects really with their values. That is what it is all about. Naturally I should expect it have good strong themes in it which promote Penguin-y values. I has the faith. I expects good things (I is rattling my penguin charity tin right now.) - go forth and conquer in the name of Prude's Mission!

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