Thursday, 13 December 2007

Undies or Not Undies? That is my Question.

Now we have a scandal of huge political proportions. Maxine McKew has barely been declared officially in when someone has caught her with her pants down.

Or at least they thinks they has.

The incriminating picture* I is posting has been shown around, and it has been slammed by some as being very offensive and raunchy, showing lots of leg. I cannot deny this. Maxine should have been a bit more modest I thinks. Do you see Mr Howard strutting off his legs in such a casual manner? I thinks not. And he should know the protocol if anyone should; he has been around this place for over a decade.

But it has been said that from a certain angle it looks like Maxine has no undies on! In a very Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct manner. Now this would be disgusting in the extreme. I has stared at the photo a great deal and so has Mr Jumbles but we cannot see no undies. On the other hand if there was no undies we could not see them so we has a bit of a conundrum here, hasn't we?

Still, I has my spies out. We shall see if it is a scandal or not. There shall be much staring up the skirt in order to make sure whether the pants are on or off. It is our duty to ensure the morality of the politicians!

*Well the incriminating picture was front on. But it was in the same place with the same dress on and that is what matters. And she sat next to John Howard as well.


Friendless said...

Maxine with no undies is a very bizarre thing to think of. But quite pleasant. I can understand people like me thinking of that, but not prudish people. They should be thinking of boring things, like John Howard with Y fronts.

prude said...

Well, prudish people certainly is not thinking of Friendless thinking of John Howard with Y fronts.

That is extra ewwww!

prude said...

I am thinking what is worse, John Howard with suggestive Y fronts or John Howard going commando.

Gosh you has started this Friendless. John Howard looks like a man who should be wearing two layer boxers, so we should not be subjected to anything should he have a dakking accident. Extras for safety, I say.

Friendless said...

Maybe little Johnny wears a G-string? Try to get THAT image out of your head.

prude said...

Stop! Stop! It is supposed to be Christmas and you is a naughty boy Friendless!

No presents in your stocking for you from the Prude Santa I think!

Yellow Subaru said...

I dunno. Here's John Howard showing afair bit of leg