Monday, 14 July 2008

The Point of Nuding

These people is protesting that KFC chickens has only a small place to roam or not roam around in.

They is protesting by being nude in public.

Perhaps the question they is raising most should be not whether chickens should be released from cages but whether nudes who is in public should be caged up. Prancing about showing bits indeed! OK well not much prancing.

I think this is made blatantly obvious by this photo.

Oh and the fact they were taken by the police to the station in their cage. I am sure the police were very interested in such a morally depraved case as this.


TimT said...

Nobody strips off for penguins. I think that just about says it all, really.

Friendless said...

They weren't even nude! Not only were they irritating protestors, they were shy irritating protestors. I'm going to eat EXTRA chicken just to protest against them.

Ann O'Dyne said...

be careful dear Penguin ... in case KFC ever becomes KFP.