Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Allen Lane, We Salute You!

How a penguin was chosen as a symbol for Penguin books ...

He also wanted a 'dignified but flippant' symbol for his new business. His secretary [Allen Lane, brainchild of Penguin books] suggested a Penguin and another employee was sent to London Zoo to make some sketches. Seventy years later Penguin is still one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Definitely dignity!

Mr Jumbles say - good choice!


TimT said...

I'm not sure about that. Apparently he chose penguins because they were 'flippant but dignified'.

'Flippant' sounds decidedly immoral.

Meribah said...

Penguins are delightful creatures and worthy of being such a symbol. Congrats to Penguin Books for making such a good choice! :)

Ann O'Dyne said...

books = good
penguin = good

therefore, no contest really.
Mr Jumbles, we salute you and your London connections.
peace and love also, from Dysthymiac

Bwca said...

It's very quiet here Mr.Jumbles.
Are you hibernating through a winter somewhere?

I just saw a photo of your cousin Adelie and she was snuggled up to a Plush Penguin (I thik it was in today's Daily Mail online).

wishing you the thrill
of much krill

Friendless said...

Happy New Year, Prude! Here is some progressive reading material for you.


prude said...

I think there is nothing too immoral about flippant.

And flappant is even better.

I like flapping!

prude said...

Bwca - ahh yes.

Prude hibernation period. Actually I just saw a great video recently so a new post will be up soon. Prude will share.

Happy New Prude Year all!