Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hundreds of Penguins Dead

This article leave me cold. Hundreds of penguins dead and they cannot even find a reason qiuck so we cannot put in preventative measures to stop this terrible tragedy occurring ever again.

Human beings die sometimes in their flocks and we stop.

We wave flags and we make speeches.

I say we should be at least marking the deaths of the penguins similarly for they is role models and their deaths is a huge loss to our community and we shoudl take every measure we can to make sure it never happen again.

I myself wore a black veil and lit a little candle as a token.

This was a sad day. Such tragedy should not be repeated.

I is having horrible little dreams strewn with the bodies of penguins now. It is not good.


Ann oDyne said...

I cannot read it prop3erly, it is too sad.
You stay safe.

prude said...

I is in mourning Ann.

I is safe, hiding in my penguin suit. But thank you for your words of strength.

Meribah said...

Aw, that's so sad. I hope they find out what happened to them soon and take measures, if they can, to prevent it from happening again. :(