Thursday, 2 August 2007

This Farce - it is an Insult! No Punishment Too Bad for Bob Saget!

I has read the reviews, and the articles, I has seen the advertising, I has unfortunately seen the website and that is too much. I will be boycotting that disgusting thing they is calling a film, The Farce Of The Penguins .

I recommend you all do the same.

My beloved film, the one that promote the greatness of the noble creature, the penguin, i.e. March Of The Penguins, has been utterly ridiculed by this disgusting attempt. Fortunately Luc Jacquet's masterpiece will hold strong because it is noble and Bob Saget's amateur stupidity shocker will fall flat on its face because it should.

I advise anyone who actually keeps his old Full House videos to make a bonfire of them and dance around them gleefully saying "Good riddance to Bob Saget!" Hmmm. I know what will keep me busy this afternoon.

Farce Of the Penguins is not about nobility and restraint or chastity it inaccurately show penguins as hedonistic creatures who go to immoral places such as nightclubs in the hunt for flings and casual sex. This show inaccurate research and I think there may be a lawsuit in there for slander. Mr Jumbles is studying it up. Bob Saget be wary in case many penguins file defamation suits against you.

On the other hand many robed penguins may simply come to your door one time in the middle of the night and drag you out and teach you a lesson. Perhaps slapping your botty with dead fish and dancing a jig around you. How would you like that? You may even be left with a little penguin of death logo drawn on your forehead as a reminder of your wrongdoings.

Of course if that should happen you did not read it here. I is merely speculating. But it would be justice.


Meribah said...

To err is human; to forgive is divine. We should all be willing to forgive. :)

prude said...

To err is human. To forgive is divine. To do what Bob Saget has done is satanic.

To stand strong against the Devil is also very very moral!