Friday, 17 August 2007

What is Zoo Thinking? Zoo Immoral People, Zoo!

If it were possible for Zoo magazine to hit a minus integrity low, this disgusting immoral Big Boob Competition would be it.
First of all the magazine says win a big boob job for your girlfriend. Well I say it is disgusting that a man should be thinking of his girl's breasts let alone wishing they were very big.

He should be thinking of his partner in life, about her moral integrity. Her commitment to purpose in life. Her prudey ideals and intellectualism, somewhat like Prude's.

The idea he should be wanting big breasts in her (or on her) says one thing only - it means he is thinking of wicked things. You is knowing what I means. The eyes centre in on the chest and they is focussed not on her higher being.

The Editor of this magazine says that this is a most romantic gift to give a girlfriend.
What could be more romantic?

Many things.
A penguin suit.
A donation to a penguin charity, in her name.
A pet penguin or penguin doll.
Dinner set with penguin motif.
Trip to Antarctica (or Tasmania) for penguin sighting.
A Prudemobile.
DVD - "March of The Penguins" "Happy Feet".

Prude has many romantic gift ideas. No need to stoop to this plastic fantastic stuff!


Meribah said...

I agree about the boob job contest. If I had a boyfriend who wanted me to get my "girls" made bigger, I'd have to reconsider my relationship with him (ie. dump him). I mean, why on earth would any woman want to go under the knife when she doesn't have to??? Besides, big boobs would just be a torment; small ones are better! :)

GT said...

How'd you find out about that, Prude?

prude said...

You is obviously a person of high moral standards meriobah. I would take off my hat to you if I was wearing one (I is not at the moment).

Huge boobies is not at all necessary. And big soccerball plastic boobies is a bit of a hindrance if you is wanting to be a serious penguin dancer.

I has never seen a penguin with huge boobies. Never!

prude said...

Well, I is a lover of and greatly interested in animals, GT, and I is googling under the word "zoo" ... and imagine my horror!

I is nearly falling out of my prudey chair!

Friendless said...

Prude, I am a disgusting depraved lecherous old pervert and I still agree with you! Sometimes I go to the beach at Surfer's Paradise to make sure that all the girls there have natural boobies! Fake boobies are as bad as smoking!

prude said...

Ahhhhhh! I see I is able to convince disgusting old perverts!

Maybe there is some prude power magic going on!

(I is not wanting to think somehow I is on the side of Perverts)

Now let us see if Prude can make you a not so disgusting old pervert!

Prude disapprove of smoking too :)

You is not too bad Friendless. Just you has many bad qualities like lecherous depraved sex-crazed immoral dirty etc.

Maybe you is like Burger Boy. Gross but some hope.