Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Deep Analysis Of The Penguin Of Death


Someone say to me "Why do you not like the penguin of death, prude? It is a penguin, it is powerful, and it also have an enigmatic smile. What more could you want in a penguin?"

What more could I want in a penguin?

What more could I want in a penguin?


But first I shall answer "Why I do not like the penguin of death"

The penguin of death is FAT. And that white circle that is placed on its stomach by the artist is there not for purposes of artistic endeavour or realistic construction but just to emphasise a fatness.

This is a mockery of the penguin. I beg you to ignore white blobs on stomachs of penguins.

Anyhow the penguin of death is clearly a violent penguin. It is not a penguin of love, peace and morality as I preach. It is not like Mr Jumbles. Penguins is not violent creatures. Just as prude is not.

So I is really ANGRY with the creator of the penguin of death.

I hear his name is Edward Monkton. If you shall meet him, let me know and I shall do something about this. This mockery of penguins must come to an END.


Friendless said...

Maybe the penguin of death is up the duff?

prude said...

You is the duffer, friendless.

alexis said...

I once saw an obese penguin chick. His twin had died, so both parents were putting all their efforts into feeding one baby, rather than two. The result was gargantuan.

prude said...

It is the sad state of the world. Penguin Parent Control classes. I shall list it on my list of things to aid.

So much to acieve. So little time in the world.

Friendless said...

I never duffed a penguin in my life!

Maria said...

Is that a hint of regret I hear, friendless?