Thursday, 1 February 2007

A Disgrace To My Honourable Name

I has been web-browsing and come across ths blog, created by a being who calls itself The Prude.

Quite frankly the blog is a mockery of prudekind. Its creator is not a real prude like myself, and I think - in fact I know - it has soiled the good name of prudery by using that name to create such a blog. I wonder how it dare do such a thing. But some people have no morals. Like penguin hunters and strippers. And now, like this creator of The Prude.

This blog has written on it "well, I guess there aren't really any fans yet" hmmm, I wonder why, perhaps because you is immoral!

Perhaps you would have a greater following if you were a good person and followed the path of right-living and morality like myself (and Mr Jumbles). What's more they would be worthy types of people being your fans. Bonuses everywhere.

Also, this site simply have a lot of scary pictures of pirates on it. Pirates. Pirates are not good moral creatures like penguins. Perhaps they love parrots which is a saving grace. But that eye-patch thing and the walk-the-plank idea is not very moral. Also the laugh - hardy-har-har - is not pleasnt. Overall I do not give them a high dinity rating. I think a better role model for people should be given.

Fight the good fight, do not confuse The Prude with Prude, or ThePrudeness with true prudishness, the latter being what you aim to strive towards.

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