Friday, 23 February 2007

Thank you for acknowledging the superiority of penguins!

As some avid Sydney Morning Herald bloggers may know, Prude has been insulted sometimes by a few blog-writers who mistakenly think they is above her instead of vice versa. One of these blog-writers is Sam De Brito, writer of the blog All Men Are Liars .


However I has had my victory recently, Mr De Brito has caved in and admitted Prude has been correct all along. In his article Promiscuity: Why Slutting Around Is Good For The Species (a theory Prude of course does NOT subscribe to!) Mr De Brito has pointed out that humans is often rooting around and that monogamy has often been touted as a higher form of living (Note: readers, this is because it is!). He says that some species has naturally evolved not to have the urge to root around and has NATURALLY developed monogamy i.e. the higher form of living.

Unlike humans.

He has pointed out several animals who has moved on to higher evolutionary forms:

Mallard Ducks

Hooray for penguins.

He try to use this argument to say that humans should just have sex all the time instead of avoiding the real question - that we should attempt to evolve into higher beings or imitate them. His argument is silly - it is like saying we should never progress if it do not come at baby stage. I suppose he will never be a great inventor or crusader.

The little he will accomplish in life is the acknowledgement of the evolutionary greatness of the penguin.

*If you would like to congratulate Sam De Brito on his acknowledgement of Prude and encourage this ugly duckling to become a Swan or even better a Penguin, contact him at


Meribah said...

He listed ducks too! Woooooooooo! Way to go ducks! **Does a happy ducks dance**

Matt said...

What in the world does monogamy (or any other mating system) have to do with being a "higher being"? This is no more true than some similarly derogatory statement about people with low IQ's, certain racial/ethnic identities.. Monogamy is a statement about biology, nothing else.. I have posted several times about this topic, on my blog, here, and here

Betty said...

hello Prude. love your work. funny.

Dana said...

Enjoying your prudeness...

That's what I tell my friends. Not giving in shows you have more control...

prude said...

Matt, the following of sexual urges willy nilly is not biology and nothing else it is about a choice we has made and some of us has made for so long it has been evolved into our nature (like the PENGUIN).

However in human it is not just biology. I assume you is a male, therefore let me give you an analogy you may understand. Biology control how the body may go and react in some routine fashion but it do not control all our behaviour and decisions.

Biology may make the soldier stand to attention in the morning and salute the general, but it is our MIND that decide whether to carry out the orders.