Friday, 23 February 2007

So many losers in the search for the inner prude ...

Now, Prude has told you all that there is many trials and tribulations one goes through in the crusade for prudity. It is not an easy battle, but it must be fought for the sake of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

I think that is not a difficult concept for good-thinking people to understand.

A person, I hesitate to call him "friend" for obvious reasons, because his name is Friendless and Prude always go by logic, alerted me to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald which quite rightly conclude that "It is time women seized back their inner prude". Actually it is time for men as well but over 50% is not too bad. Most people do not score so high on the prude scale except myself and Mr Jumbles, I have sadly found.

This article is by a Ms Miranda Devine.

Unfortunately the article has to trawl through a rather grotesque description of sickly sexual descriptions in order to reach this conclusion. Why oh why must we be subjected to this gratuitous stuff? I mean I do not think explicit discussions of crotch-waggling and high-mile-club doings is of importance to the point which is that of the nobility of CHASTITY. And the nobility of CHASTITY is axiomatic.

Not only this but it highlight the important point that young women and old women are not finding out the nobility of chastity until they has first subjugated themselves to the evils of the flesh. They has first to be whores and pornstars before they can be angels and penguins.

So why is it that we must be so lascivious to reach a prudish conclusion? I despair of what this world is coming to. Prude cries for the dearth of goodness in the world.

Oh give her a glass of nice cool milk!

*Those of you who wish to protest to Miranda Devine about the imbalance of dignified reporting and attempts at converting people to the good path versus the descriptions of lascivious acts and explicit sexual references in a site readily accessible to FAMILY VIEWING may contact her at


Friendless said...

I had to be a whore and a pornstar before I saw the light, as well. Now I'm much worse.

Meribah said...

In my travels across cyberspace, I've discovered this website you might be interested in perusing:
I haven't looked at it much, but it's for and about people who have no sexual feelings whatsoever, in other words, asexuals. Mind you, I'm not saying you are one. I just thought that it might be refreshing to meet and learn about peeps who are not obsessed with sex!

prude said...

Hmmm friendless.

We know you is in the nadir. No need to advertise it.

prude said...

Thank you meribah. Good chance I shall make some new friends!