Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Happy Feet Is Victorious!!!

In a great victory for both penguinkind and prudekind, the remarkable movie 'Happy Feet' has been recognised by the Academy Awards as the best animated picture.

I has four words for you.


Penguins is high moral creatures. People had to recognise this superiority sometime. There time has come. They has been vindicated. This does not mean their work has been finished, oh no. However it do mean that we has shown the world something - that disbelievers are getting fewer. However we is far from done. Today it is the Academy Awards - next penguin step is the UNIVERSE!

Penguins is truly great. They can do anything.

I celebrate this great occasion with a very happy penguin dance in their honour. How about you?


Friendless said...

Can a penguin get me a date with Paris Hilton? If they can't then you have to admit they can't do anything. If they can, tell the silly tart to send me email to organise a time.

prude said...

If you get a date with Paris Hilton it will be your own silly fault.

Penguins do not arrange meetings for human beans with Paris Hiltons. They cannot afford the insurance liability etc that is associated with it. They cannot be responsible.

prude said...

Hmmm - I has just received a message.

Paris Hilton: I may not be showing much refinery of taste as of late but I do draw the line at that hat, friendless.

Prude (and Mr Jumbles): The concensus has been given, friendless. Friendless and Hiltonless.