Thursday, 1 March 2007

Autumn, Prudeness and The Fall

Happy Autumn everyone! However, I warn you, BE WARNED. This is a season where you must watch out and hold on tightly to your chastity belts.

In the United States Autumn is called Fall.

This is very ominous I think. It is a season warning you may be susceptible to falling. That is to temptation. What does the Fall mean? It means falling to evil.

Now I do not wish to go into details to give you bad ideas but girls this means not to let boys lead you into their sexual hanky-pankies. That would be falling into badness and you would be wandering around like a loose autumn leaf from a tree, blowing about in the wind. And being loose is never an admirable female attribute. "Oh that woman is loose." You do not want that said about you. It is not a compliment.

Prude give out her warning right here at the beginning of Autumn and hope you follow it for the season and maintain your dignity. Do her proud. Remain a prude.

Mr Jumbles say: Prude, you speak wise words


Friendless said...

Hey, how come Britney Spears started early?

prude said...

I object to Friendless using the words

Britney Spears

in my blog about the Fall in the same sentence!

Show some taste!

You has a disgusting mind Friendless.

Meribah said...

I forgot that the seasons are flipped "down under" and was temporarily confused, thinking that Prude had lost it. Then I remembered and now all is right with the world! LOL

prude said...

I has not lost IT. My post is warning peoples everywhere to hang onto it for as long as possible because they is in danger of losing IT this season!

Be careful ALL.