Friday, 9 March 2007


A chastity belt is a fine moral piece of wear, however I would just like to report that it is not a comfortable piece to be wearing when a Prude falls from a float into a crowd and is somewhat laid up and bandaged. Hmmm. The chaffing factor in certain areas. What protects at some times, also becomes thine enemy. Or something I think like that. Anyhow it sound good and somewhat dignified.

Prude goes through a lot for her mission. It is a pity not all appreciate this.


Friendless said...

Was that the fall you blogged about earlier? I seem to remember something about Prude goeth on about a fall. Anyway, do you have photos?

prude said...

That area of the body is not for public perusal, Friendless. I will not be showing any visual proof.

You shall have to take my word for it, I can be trusted. Prude do not lie!

As I said - beware The Fall. Was I not right?

Meribah said...

Hmmm, petroleum jelly might help with the chafing.

prude said...

Thank you meribah.

Someone is at last tryingto be helpful.

Friendless, any comments about the edibility of jelly and I will be very cross. You do NOT wish to see that!

Friendless said...

Nope, petroleum jelly is NOT EDIBLE. It's YUK. That's why I always spread Aeroplane jelly on my lady's private parts. So much tastier...

prude said...

Hmmm, petroleum edible puts you off? You has just given me a motivation for applying it. Liberally. On my body parts, my house, my blog, EVERYWHERE FRIENDLESS!!!

As for eating Aeroplane jelly on ladies' body parts friendless, I hope it gives you jet lag or plane sickness or whatever. You deserve it for being so immoral.

You gets your just desserts in life.

Remeber that friendless.