Thursday, 15 March 2007

Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze?

Penguins' Feet Do Not Freeze Because: (a stupid question I feel compelled to answer)

1. They do the penguin dance each morning as their limber up exercise. This keep the blood flowing to their feet and keep them nice and warm.

2. It is hell that freeze over, not heaven, and penguins is good moral creatures that do not go to hell.

3. Penguins is not stupid they is wise creatures. They wear their woollens and they remember their feet. Not like certain species who forget things all the time - their woollens, their morals, they is quite loose with them all.

4. Penguins do not have casual sex, so they do not wake up the next morning finding some strange penguin next to them has stolen the blankets and pulled them off their feet. They tucks themselves in tight each night and that is the way they stays. The advantage of chastity. Among many.

5. Penguins do not sleep in the freezer. They has special penguin-beds. Mr Jumbles will attest to that.

Mr Jumbles say: That is true, Prude.

I trust I has disseminated great penguin knowledge to all and sundry today.


Friendless said...

I hear that penguin sex is quite formal. They always wear tuxedos for it.

prude said...

I trust you heard this not just second hand but about a hundredth hand. A penguin or a moral penguin-friend would have nothing to do with you (especially with that hat).

The penguin mating ritual is formal. That is the only dignified way to go about it. It has been said that sex is not dignified but that is only because humans do not know how to do it in a dignified way. They is not as advanced as the penguins who is able to be suited up and upright at all times. Even during sex.