Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Egg On A Stick

Now Blogger Lexicon Harlot felt a bit queasy about my recipe forbrussel sprouts, tofu and boiled eggs kebabs. I cannot say I entirely blame her, even though I am partial to boiled egg myself. They taste nice. Also they is nice and white and whiteness is pure, just like milk. It remind me of the world before it turned naughty.

However, it remind certain others of different things. My lovely friend say to me, "They is chicken's periods" and when you think about it like this, the egg on a stick I proposed to Alexis has some unfortunate sexual connotations. I suppose this is just for some people who has dirty minds. Prude tries not to think of sexual connotations of food and just swallows it down.

But they is everywhere. And everyone seems to be trying to remind me of them.

Whatever happened to that roast dinner when the little dutch carrot was sitting next to the potato in the tray? Now people start telling me the little dutch carrot is feeling inadequate. Oh I mourn for innocent times when a carrot and a potato roast was a wholesome family meal!

Sausages and eggs for breakfast can no longer be thought of the same way again. Especially when that sausage peek out from between two little roasted onions ...

I is thinking these thoughts of food and the lascivious world when I comes across Burger Boy - eating again.

"What is that you is eating, Burger Boy?" I ask.

"Egg roll," he say, grinning rudely, and chomps into a rather large French stick.

I is feeling giddy.


Friendless said...

A wise man once told me "Be careful with grapes. It can be hard to get them out."

prude said...

Some grapple with grapes. I is egg-static over eggs. We all has our fetishes.

It is those who desire penguin food who is rotten to the core and must be wiped out of the universe.

A wise penguin told me this. That is how I know it is true.